That’s What I Like About . . . me?

Good Monday morning to you! I hope you all had a ridiculously fabulous weekend because I sure did! Open-mouthed smile

It was go-go-go from start to finish, but I really had a great time celebrating my little sister’s birthday with my fam.

Highlights included:


Sister Red heart


Cake Red heart


Dad’s homemade Pasta Fagoli Red heart

And plenty more eating—plus shopping! Although I scored some pretty great finds at Ikea, Victoria’s Secret, and Loft, the win of the weekend was this:


If you recall, last weekend I invested in brand new running tights and promptly fell on my face and tore a hole in the knee. Well, I channeled my inner grandma—seriously, my grandma will take anything back to the store!—and took the tights back to Dick’s to see if they might take pity on me and exchange them. And guess what??? They did!

I had to get gray instead of black since they didn’t have my size, but I’d call that a SUPER win! Just goes to show you, it never hurts to ask!


I also had a pretty great final training run on Saturday morning. My plan wanted 14 miles, but that seemed like a bit much the week before my race. I decided to just go out and run without a specific mileage in mind. I figured I’d just go as far as felt good, relax, and try to take it easy.

It was only 30* when I started out, but it was a clear, sunny morning, and I felt great. My friend, Steph, even texted me later on and said she saw me running and that I looked strong. Yahoo! The first 7 miles flew by—I managed to stay upright and everything. Winking smile


I had to make a super emergency pit stop around mile 7, and my iPod conveniently decided that was a good time to reset itself, so I’m not sure of my pace those first 7 miles, but I felt fast! At least I know how far I’d gone. I continued on for another 6 miles—about 2 more than I really wanted to go—and felt decent, so I’ll take it. The last 6 miles were at 8:47 pace, and they felt a lot slower than the first 7, so I think I’m in good shape for the race this weekend. I’m actually pretty pumped!

{short tangent, but it relates—I promise!}

This weekend over dinner, I asked the fam how they all get excited about their own birthdays. See, I love celebrating other people’s birthdays, but I HATE my own birthday. Seriously hate it. I think it’s because I don’t really feel like I’m worth celebrating. I’m not proud of myself; I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished all that much; I don’t look at myself as special or exceptional in any way. So on my birthday? It always feels like a sham to celebrate me when I don’t feel worthy of celebration. It’s sad, but that is the cold hard truth.


Somehow, I’ve gotten into the habit of diminishing my accomplishments. I can recognize other people’s achievements and celebrate them, but my own? Not so much. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think it’s because I spent the last half of my 20’s in relationships with people who didn’t think all that much of me and weren’t shy about saying so. I internalized that bad stuff so much that I started to believe it myself. So here I am, nearly 32 years old, and I don’t feel all that great about myself. And it’s stupid. And it sucks. And I want it to stop.


I’ve never been a big “New Year’s Resolution” type of girl. Why wait until the new year, right? Plus, it just seems sort of arbitrary. If you want to make a change, make it right then and there! And that’s what I’m doing. From now on, every single day I will find something I like about myself. Something to celebrate, something I’m proud of, something I’m thankful for. My birthday is just over 2 months away, and I want to want to celebrate it this year. This little daily practice is going to help me get there.

{and this is where the tangent comes full circle Winking smile}

The first thing I’m proud of is my training for this half marathon. I’ve had some tough runs; I’ve had some great runs. I’ve strength trained; I’ve done yoga. I’ve run far; I’ve run fast. Even though I was a little nervous last week, now I’m just excited. I feel confident that I’m going to have a great race. And even if I don’t, I’m proud of myself for putting in so much hard work. I love running. I may not be the fastest one out there, but it doesn’t matter because it makes me happy.

And now, I have a shy request . . .

What do you like about me?

I feel silly even asking, but I need a little boosting. I’m not so good at this confidence stuff, and you guys are always so great and supportive. I mean, after I said I was nervous last week, Rachael did this:


How could I not love you guys?!?

Have a great Monday! XO


31 thoughts on “That’s What I Like About . . . me?

  1. I don’t know you well, but I love reading your blog, so let me (attempt to) give you a little confidence boost. The thing I love most about your blog is that you seem to really enjoy life. I love that you go out and run and exercise and eat healthy, but that you also love cake and wine and that you’re not afraid to put it out there and show people that. You always seem to be really living life to its fullest.

  2. Jill says:

    I love your blogs – how open and honest you are. I enjoy seeing how you approach decorating. I love how you love and enjoy your family. I love how you feel like a friend even though I do not know you and your seemingly fun and joyful approach to life!!

  3. Well I have only commented a couple of times but I always read. Sometimes I wonder out of the blogs I read, with whom I could befriend in real life and you always pop in my head. You love running, so do I. You seem real, sweet and down to earth. You seem approachable and easy to talk to. U also live close to me, I am in Windsor! And p.s. I’m the same about my birthday. I get ppl saying so “are u excited?”… I’m thinking well, no. Lol

  4. Melissa, I’ve only been reading your blog a few weeks, but I already know you are great! I like that you are so honest about your feelings. You are also very funny and have a beautiful smile. Keep rocking on, girl. I’m happy to provide a little boost any time 🙂

  5. 😀 what do I like about you?! that’s a loaded question, friend. I like that we’ve never talked beyond blogging and twitter and maybe a few emails here and there for guest posts but I feel like we’re really good friends. I like that there’s no judgment or competition between us, just undying support for one another through everything. I like that I can guarantee that I always WANT to comment on everything you post and that I can almost always guarantee a comment from you on what I post. I like that I can always count on you to understand. I like that you are honest and open all the time, and that you don’t make any apologies or excuses for who you are or what you’re going through, which is a beautiful thing because so many people try to hide who they are. I like that you’re hilarious, you’re beautiful inside and out, you’re a strong runner, and you’re an individual. LOVE YOU FRIEND! #twinsies

    • Oh, I love you, too, BBFF!! I 100% agree with everything you said, but I really like the part about there being no judgement or competition between us, we’re just supportive. That’s the best kind of friend there is! I LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK!!!! #twinsies 😀

  6. I’ve been reading your blog for months (commenting a few times) and I like how easy it is to relate to you. You let yourself be vulnerable enough to put your struggles on the blog, and I think that actually shows a lot of strength and confidence! And plus, you’re a girl who loves red wine as much as I do. That right there tells me you’re pretty great!

  7. Ah, a shared love of red wine–we are definitely kindred spirits! Thanks for your sweet words! I’m glad you can relate; sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who struggles. 😉

  8. Melissa you are so amazing! I obviously don’t know you that well, but from what I get from your blog you seem like such an honest and caring person. And I believe that if we had girls night with some vino we would have tons of laughs and get along great :D.

  9. Christine says:

    Your blog is one of my very favorites to read because you seem so real! I can relate to your struggles and I admire that you write about them. I really look forward to reading your posts each day. They are funny and thought provoking! Good luck on your race. I think you are going to kill it!

    • I don’t know if it’s easy, but I do make it a priority. 🙂 I happen to love our mutual adoration of caramelized onions, too! I know you’ll never get tired of all of my onion recipes! 😉

  10. One thing I’ve appreciated from the first time I stumbled on your blog (gosh…I don’t even remember how many months ago that was!) was how honest and real you are about your emotions. You don’t dump inappropriately on the blog, but you also don’t stick on a mask and pretend that life is great! If we aren’t aware of our feelings and aren’t honest about them, it’s hard to change them or work on them. Oh- and you share great recipes and are creative in the kitchen;)

  11. You are seriously my favorite blogger! You are a talented writer, very relatable, hilarious & you write about the things I wish I had the courage to write about. You have no idea how awesome you really are!

    • Sara, I super ❤ you!!! You are one of those people who really make me feel like I'm not alone. Think of all you've done in the last few months–the job, the move, the marathon! You are seriously awesome, too!!!

  12. Renee Byard says:

    You….my dear Melissa, are truly what everyone above me has already mentioned. BUT….I actually had the pleasure of meeting you in person *pat on back* for a wonderful celebration, You are beautiful inside and out! SOOOOOO very willing to help and be helpful with a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. I have a feeling that you would have your friends back, no matter what!
    I LOVE reading about you and your family! I get a little emotional while reading, envious (if you will), that those moments in my own life and very seldom! YOUR family is AWESOME! I also love your courage……to realize that you may be a little stuck in a situatiuon and find the courage and energy to make things right….not just talk about making it right! I could go on and on…but I’ll stop here!
    OH…one more thing… are a beautiful friend to my daughter, she’s fortunate to have you in her life and visa vera….you balance each other nicely. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! love

  13. I love this post, it’s so real! I think every girl can relate to it in some way! I for one have my own post about how I was trying to be positive and happy on my birthday for once in my life. It was hard! I have no reason to be sad, but I always am. But I looooove other people’s birthday’s (and accomplishments, etc) and love going all out!
    I just added you to my google reader. I used to read your blog from wordpress but for some reason it got lost when i started reading in my reader. I can’t believe I’ve missed so much, you are officially back in there now! 🙂

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