Match Update

On this day 25 years ago . . .

Back when I looked like this:


And they looked like this:


My mom and dad got married! I’m so thankful for our family.

pumpkin carving

I know it wasn’t always easy, blending two families and juggling the schedules of five kids, but I can tell you this: It was worth it! Open-mouthed smile

DAC 023

Happy Anniversary to the best parents ever! I love you!!!

I, on the other hand, haven’t found my better half just yet. I have, however, found some duds.

Last week, I went on not one, but two, Match dates, and I’ve gotta tell you, I find them completely exhausting. In case you didn’t know, small talk isn’t really my thing.


To be fair, neither date was horrible, but I didn’t exactly enjoy myself either. The first guy, the climbing dude, was OK, and we got along alright. Just no sparks. The second guy had a good personality. I think.

ryan_reynolds_newI say, “I think” because I could only understand about half of what the guy said. Yeah, he was a mumbler. Ugh. At some point, I wanted to tell him to open his freakin’ mouth when he talked!!! Sheesh. Talk about exhausting. Not only did I have to act interested about his job and family and whatever else you’re supposed to talk about on a first date, I had to smile and nod and pretend I had any clue what the guy was saying.

mumblerI also got this gem of an email. I can’t remember exactly what compelled me to respond to this guy in the first place, but, well let’s look at it together, shall we?

Hi Melissa,

I used to love running, but I teach/play tennis in sufficient quantities that I try to make use of the bike more so as to beat on my body a little less. I do some weights and at least 10 mins of yoga every day also; both help!

About myself, hmm… Even people in Ann Arbor refer to me as a typical Ann Arborite: eccentric, well-educated, liberal, idealistic, and so on. It is perhaps telling that the only 2 places where I applied for graduate school was U of M and UC Berkeley (accepted to both). Does it go without saying that I am a vegetarian? 🙂

You are a web writer/editor? Do you have a special area of expertise?

Your family lives in the area?

Thanks for the note, and Happy Halloween! –D**

**Name omitted to protect the pompous

Several things: I realize we’re in the 21st century or whatever (centuries confuse me), but I cannot get on board with men doing yoga. It’s just not manly. Chicks are supposed to contort their bodies. Guys doing it is, well, weird. So there’s that.


Sorry. Had to.

Then, there’s that second paragraph. Wow. Someone who describes themselves as “eccentric, well-educated, liberal, and idealistic???” Strike 2, 3, 4, and 5. And congratulations on your acceptance to grad school? (This guy is 42 . . . ) So you’re kind of a hippie/liberal type is what you’re telling me, right? Oh, and you don’t eat meat, either. And you follow that up with a smiley face emoticon. No, sir. Just no. That simply won’t do.

The best part, though, is that this guy sent me his “VIP” email of the week—that’s “Very Interested Person.” Really? Who is it you’re “very interested” in? Someone who wants to worship you? ‘Cuz it ain’t me, buddy!


Anyway. Still not giving up, but I’m certainly not dripping with enthusiasm for match. I’m pretty sure it works better if you’re in a big city, and there’s a bigger pool to draw from, but I’ll deal for the duration of my membership. At least I’m getting out there!

In an effort to not be depressed about my dating life, I’m focusing on an area today that I do feel good about: work! Yesterday, I realized that I’ve really learned a ton in the last few months, and I’m actually good at my job! How exciting is that???

Since we’re talking anniversaries and dating this morning, I’d love to know . . .

How did you meet your significant other?


32 thoughts on “Match Update

  1. oh my gosh. thanks for making me smile. your blog is quite entertaining! email guy did NOT deserve a date with you. delete. delete. delete…..
    the yoga thingy….not feeling that either….and 10 mins…really????
    that pic of the yoga/spandex guy killed me. i acutally saw a guy out on halloween dressed like that. yikes. it was one of those times, you didnt want to stare, but you could not stop staring!
    significant other…..hhhmmm. still trying to find my prince charming. :o)

  2. Jill says:

    You’re so curte and congraulations to your parents!! Have you thought of giving some events a try or maybe some roadrunner type activities a try? Less pressure maybe greater odds of meeting someone. Oh and yes, you must go on some 7 minute dates as I can only imagine that your feedback would be HILARIOUS!!!

    • Thanks, Jill! I did meetup in Richmond; maybe I need to look into it here. I can only imagine 7 minute dates. I would probably run screaming from the room! Small talk overload!

  3. I love how you’re sharing these dating experiences – there are for sure some weirdos out there! Glad your job is going well!

    My husband and I went to highschool together but never knew each other (it was a small school, too!). Now our little brothers are in school there and my mother is their tennis coach. My mom and his little brother set us up on our first date, and we were engaged 7 months later! 🙂

      • infatti quello ke vlvoeo dire, io odio gli enigmi ma ad altri possono piacere per il fatto ke non tutti hanno gli stessi gusti, nel 4 e 5 capitolo gli enigmi erano pochi ,per i puristi una bestemmia ma per quelli come me era una cosa ottima, nel uc non ci sono enigmi ma si spara e basta, e la cosa mi ha fatto molto piacere, ma avrei preferito dei remake,se poi fanno gli enigmi ok ma che non siano tanto complicati

  4. HAHA oh that’s fantastic. Two things:
    1. I can’t get on board with guys doing yoga either, and Sean has told me many times that it’s unacceptable.
    2. I tried to send you a tweet for 45 minutes last night of a glass of wine cheersing you but it never went through. And if it did go through 67 different times and I just haven’t realized it yet, I apologize for resending the same thing over and over and over again.
    3. Ok, 3 things, you’re awesome!! and I’m glad you’re still liking your new job 🙂

    As for how Sean and I met, well, he was wrestling with his roommate in the dorm above mine our freshman year of college and since I thought the floor was going to fall in I went upstairs to check and make sure they were OK. We were friends ever since and well, here we are now!

    • 1. I’m glad we agree on this.
      2. I think it’s because droids hate tweeting pictures. Mine sometimes doesn’t work or takes FOREVER to send a tweet, so yeah.
      3. You’re awesome! 😀

      Love that story! You were totally going to yell at them 😉

  5. Alright, from now on you need to send the emails you get and I can tell you yes or no. I definitely wouldn’t have responded to a guy that described himself as eccentric, well-educated, liberal, idealistic. However, the yoga thing could just mean he’s into trying new things and that’s a win. So don’t hate on the man-yoga just yet. Ok, you can hate on it a little.

    I met my man-love at work. We were in different departments and someone we mutually knew said we should talk to each other because he’s never met anyone that loved movies more than the two of us and we’d probably get along.

  6. Oh wow, that email haha…and that picture of the yoga man is priceless! I met my boyfriend at a get together at my cousin’s house. He and her now husband played summer baseball together! It will happen for you Melissa…and putting yourself out there is half of the battle!

  7. My boyfriend wanted me to guide him through a yoga dvd and I had to stop myself from laughing hysterically. I told him he can no longer do yoga if I’m around because I just can’t take him seriously.
    We met at university but didn’t get together until afterwards!

  8. Christine says:

    That yoga picture may harm me for life!! Ha Ha! That guy sounds like a total egomaniac. My husband and I are fellow band nerds. We met in band in college.

  9. HA! What a special little email that you got:) I get a little annoyed when people sound to “braggy” about themselves. AGH. That yoga picture has destroyed my mental balance:) Even as a counselor, I’m not quite sure I can come back from that at all!

  10. OOOh man that guy who wrote that e-mail to you sounds like he was really full of himself…in an insecure way. Like he’s so insecure in himself that he has to flash these dumb (and not cool) facts about himself because he thought he’d sound impressive. But I wouldn’t give up, you should still have fun with it for the next couple months…you never know who you’ll come across!

    My boyfriend and I met three and a half years ago one afternoon at Racine. It’s a bar/restaurant one block from my apartment in the fan in Richmond. Ever been there?

    You’re doing the half in Richmond this weekend right?? I’ll be wearing black shorts and a neon orange singlet. Don’t know my bib number yet. We start at 8:00am. Please holler if you see me!! My real name is Katherine 🙂

    • I haven’t been there! I’m excited to be back in Richmond this weekend, though! I will look for you for sure! I haven’t decided what to wear yet–I’m going between tights and shorts right now. I guess I can always buy something when I get there! Good luck, doll! You’re perfectly trained–I’m sure you’ll do great!!!

  11. Ohhhhh man. I died laughing at that email (and also throughout this post). He talks like a spam comment! haha. That may have been a deal breaker for me… (accepted to both) I think got me the most. So funny. I love reading about your dating adventures.
    And you were SO cute as a kid, aww.
    My boyfriend and I met in college. I wish I had a more exciting story for you, but he just randomly kissed me at a Halloween party and it went from there 🙂
    Happy Anniversary to your parentals!

    • OMG “he talks like a spam comment!” LOL!!!

      Hey, a random kiss can sometimes turn into things–you never know! Maybe I’ll go out to the bar this weekend and just kiss the first hot guy I see. 😉

  12. omg this is hilarious! thanks for sharing your dating with us! i bet that is the guy’s copy/paste email to all prospective dates, trying to be funny but clearly it sounds terrible!
    My cousin recently married someone she met online, he’s real cool, so there is hope! I look forward to reading more about your journey!

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