Taking a Break

I know the work I’m doing right now is really important–as in, it will still matter in a year kind of important. But you know what else is important? My sanity.

So I’m taking a break. To tell you some completely random things.

Justin Bieber is My Boyfriend

In my dreams, this is apparently true. The other night I had an actual dream where Justin Bieber was my boyfriend. Yes, I am 31 and not 13. He was trying to convince me to kiss him, and I was reluctant because, well, he’s not even legal. And even if he were, I still wouldn’t be down. He kept saying, “Come on! My lips are really soft . . . Just try it.” I could not make that up, people. Could NOT make that up. I’m still shuddering a little just thinking about it.

Intervals Make Everything Better

I know you’ll be shocked to hear that when my alarm went off at 6 AM, I didn’t want to get out of bed.

{I’ll give you a minute to sit down.}

But I made myself do it, because let’s face it, there’s no better remedy for stress than exercise. I threw on some questionably matching workout clothes, and drove to my new gym. Did I mention that it takes me about 3 minutes to get there? (<–KEY selling point) Then, I pounded out a kick a$$ interval workout that left me feeling like a new woman.

Here’s how it looked:

Time Pace
0-5 6.0
5-8 6.5
8-9 7.0
9-12 6.5
12-13 8.0
13-16 6.5
16-17 7.5
17-20 6.5
20-21 8.5
21-24 6.5
24-25 8.0
25-28 6.5
28-29 9.0
29-32 6.5
32-33 8.5
33-36 6.5
36-37 9.5
37-40 6.5
40-45 6.0
Total 5.02 miles

If you are feeling cranky beyond repair, do yourself a favor and try this workout. I’m like a new woman.

Intervals Make Me Hungry

I have been eating my face off today. Normally, I’m not all that hungry during the day and my meals are relatively light compared to the chowing down I do at dinnertime. Not today. I’m little miss snackypants over here. I even found some cashews in the office kitchen, which made me infinitely happy. My co-worker and I can’t stop cracking jokes about the deliciousness of the salty nuts . . . on second thought, maybe I am 13 years old.

I also ate a package of mini Mrs. Fields cookies that weren’t even good, but my food trap wanted them anyway.

I think I may actually be slap happy at this point, which in my opinion is far better than being stressed. This may seem counter-intuitive, but I’m erring on the side of sanity and just going with it for the moment.

OK, enough clowning around! Gotta get back to it!


11 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. HAHA. I love this post! Sometimes when I am doing things that are “meaningful” for school (because aren’t all things meaningful at school? NOT!) I get those same munchies! I hear ya when those Mrs. Fields cookies or anything random that’s in the office calls. Hope you have a great Friday tomorrow!

  2. Emmm, I’m pretty sure there was something in this post about intervals and cashews, but still stuck on the Bieber thing. LOL! I, too, had a very weird “romantic” dream the other day: Barack Obama and Ben Affleck were competing for my love. WTH?

  3. I bet you were relieved to wake up and know that the Beiber dream was just a reality. What a creepy little boy with soft lips, trying to get you to kiss him, hahaha.

    And that interval looks so hardcore. Nice work! I’m impressed that you got up early to do that, I have a really hard time getting up in the morning to exercise.

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