Pretend Working

Fri-DAY Fri-DAY Fri-DAY Fri-DAY!!!!

Dude. I thought I wouldn’t make it. But here we are! And miraculously, I think I’m actually caught up with work, which means I get to spend today pretend working. You know–being available for calls and emails and g-chatting, but not doing any actual work.

Instead, I’m trolling through PetFinder looking for a puppy . . .

His name is Chuck Bass! Could you just die??

and laughing so hard that I am literally CRYING at this chick:

{Questionably safe for work. I don’t know what kind of office you work in, so you may want to save this one for later. Or not. It is a pre-holiday Friday afterall.}

Whew! I think I’ve watched this at least 8 times and I am still dying laughing at it every single time. Dying.

Anyway. My stress level has been nutzo which makes me even crazier than usual, but according to Barney, it also makes me hotter. So there’s that.

That is science, folks.

In theory, I will also spend part of my pretend workday actually cleaning my condo because it is dir-tay. I can’t tell you the last time I really cleaned beyond wiping down counters and doing a quick sweep. It’s amazing how comfortable I’ve become with my own filth. It may look neat, but it is definitely not clean. It’s just the whole act of actually cleaning that I kind of despise. If there’s anyone out there who would like to come and clean for me for a nominal fee, please let me know. Not even kidding.

So. What else has been going on this week? Well, there was this:

That would be Zingerman’s Cranberry Walnut bread smeared with Trader Joe’s cranberry goat cheese (or chevre, if you’re fancy, which I am not), broiled for a few minutes and topped with sea salt and fresh pepper. Heaven. We picked up a loaf last Saturday when we were at the deli and my mom was nice enough to share half of it with me. I tried to savor it, but my 5 tiny pieces disappeared rather quickly. Wonder how that happened? πŸ˜‰

Then, there were these:

Holiday heels! I ordered these from and I think they were something like $26 (with shipping). Yeah, super deal. I don’t really have anywhere to go in these, so I’ll probably wear them to church on Christmas Eve because I’m a hussy like that. Not apologizing; let’s just stick to the facts.

Oh, and I kicked my own butt on the treadmill Wednesday night with this nonsense:

Minute Pace
0-10 7.0
10-13 8.0
13-14 7.0
14-22 Repeat minutes 10-13 2X
22-24 9.0
24-25 7.0
25-31 Repeat minutes 22-25 2X
31-32 10.0
32-33 7.0
33-37 Repeat minutes 31-33 2X
37-40 7.0
Total 5 miles

Yeah, that workout is LEGIT. And it felt awesome. Nothing like the boring 6 miles I pounded out this morning. I like to run fast. πŸ˜€

Well, I believe that’s all I’ve got for you this morning. I do have to do a little work today, so it’s time to get that out of the way so I can continue to pretend work the rest of the day.

How do you “pretend work” at the office?

Pretend working is a definite perk of working from home. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!


19 thoughts on “Pretend Working

  1. Love the Chuck Bass puppy! What a great name! And that how i met your mother scale is hilarious. I dont’ know what I’ll do if that show goes off the air. It’s one of my fave. And nothing says Christmas like hussy shoes with bows, love them!!! And pretend working is funny, but definitely happens, you’re lucky you’re at home! Today is not one of those days for me because its our last day of the acct year… but I hope next week will be!

  2. awww youre getting a puppy! greatest decision of your life! congrats!
    i LOVE the hussy shoes! i am all about a pair of high heels, no matter where you are going! enjoy your weekend! happy cleaning! xo

  3. LOL that video is hilarious! I’ve seen some of her stuff before. Love how she just doesn’t give a flip. Love the prits shoes…I just got some new ones myself. The kind I had to take off by the end of the holiday party b/c my feet were aching with pain. But hey, I looked hot till the valet line.

  4. That workout looks great! Not sure I could handle those speeds though haha. And those heels are fabulous. I would make up an excuse to wear them, or tell some of your friends that it’s necessary to go for a night out on the town! Hope you have a great weekend Melissa πŸ™‚

  5. I have dust on my floor that you can only see when the sun shines on it just right. And when it does, oh boy. That is a treat I tell you. So if you find someone willing to clean, maybe they’d like to pick up another house.
    And girl, you have some serious speed on that treadmill. It is time for me to get my speed run on it a big way. I feel like kicking some half marathon ass like you. πŸ™‚

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