Lessons From a Holiday Weekend

1. Holiday-Themed Foods Taste Better

This is a fact. Friday afternoon, my mom and I wandered around World Market for an hour or so, finding things we really didn’t need, but that were so cute/fun, we had to have them.

My mom loves a good tortilla chip, so she couldn’t pass up these red and green chips. And let me tell you, they were fantastic. Not sure exactly what makes them so special, other than their Christmasy colors, so I’m going with the obvious: holiday-themed foods just taste better. The fact that 3 of us cleaned that plate in about 8 minutes is direct evidence.

2. My Little Sister is as Inappropriate as I Am

What happens when I tell my sister to decorate a sugar cookie man like a porn star? This happens. Yes, that would be, um, “belly hair” on that banana-hammock-clad cookie.

I blame her:

Beer + cookie making = good holiday family fun 😀

We also made “the face.” Or, my sister and I did.

Hmmmm . . .

3. When Your Knee Hurts Running on Saturday, Trying to Run 12 Miles on Sunday is a Horrible Idea

Saturday morning, I was supposed to run with my running group, but due to some kind of malfunction in my flux-capacitor, I somehow slept until 8:12AM. I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept past 7:30, let alone 8, but I guess I must’ve needed the rest or something. I was feeling pretty wimpy, so rather than brave the cold, I zipped over to the gym to do my long run on the treadmill.

I look like this. Except female. And faster.

For the first 4 miles, I felt great, cruising along at a nice comfortable pace. Then, around mile 4.25, my left knee started bugging me. OK, not just bugging me, killing me. My knees are funny with their pain. Sometimes, I can talk myself out of it. It feels a certain way and I know that if I just ignore it or think about something else, it will go away. And then there’s the other kind of “oh HELL no!” pain that just means I’m done. Bet you can guess which kind I had on Saturday. I eeked out another quarter mile before calling it quits to walk the rest of the way. Blargh.

I woke up Before Sunrise, so you get this picture from the film. Work with me, folks. (BTW, Before Sunset was totally better and amazing if you haven't seen it.)

My circadian rhythms were completely out of whack, so I woke up at 5:30 Sunday morning feeling like I HAD to go run. I tried to go back to sleep given that it was still pitch black outside, but no dice. An hour later, I hopped out of bed determined to get that long run in.

Because I’m a super genius, I reasoned that since I didn’t run very far the day before, my knee would probably feel fine that morning, and I could do 10-12 miles without a problem. I grabbed my Gu, suited up, and set out for a long quiet run.

Lo and behold, 4.25 miles in, there was the knee pain. This is where the swearing in my head begins. Mother f—er. F. F. What the F?!? (I know you’ll all be shocked to hear that I accidentally used the F word in church this weekend, too. Oops.)

I was upset for several reasons:

  1. Planning a 10-12 mile run meant I was 4.25 miles from home with no way back but to run (or walk).
  2. I am an asshole. No, really. Why did I think this was a good idea given how quickly and intensely I felt the exact same pain the day before?
  3. This is my own damn fault. I quit strength training with any devotion or regularity shortly after my half in November, so I’m definitely not as strong. The correlation between weights and my running is unmistakeable, so why must I be so arrogant and think I can still run all over town when I’ve been neglecting my poor muscles? Again–asshole.

So I miraculously slogged through another 2 miles before walking a bit. Then I slowed my pace considerably and was able to run the last 2 miles and make it home.

This morning I got up and had a date with Jackie, who unapologetically kicked my butt for being a delinquent. It’s ok; I deserved it.


11 thoughts on “Lessons From a Holiday Weekend

  1. awwww your lil sis and mom are sooo cute! i can’t believe how much you look like your mama! adorable!
    anyway, hope your little knee starts feeling good again soon!
    and i LOVE the lil porn star cookie man! too frickin cute. xo

  2. Hey now….be careful…I cant have my running partner have injuries…can i?
    Ok OK…I am offically annoucing it…on the blog tomorrow. With several links to how awesome you are…so drop the potty mouth and come up with a happy blog tomorrow…lol 🙂 Did u see I did my 1st long run on Saturday in NYC….on vacation? we so need to skype

  3. Holiday food DOES taste better — and you, your mom, and your sister are adorable!

    UGH on your knee pain. I hope you chill this week and the strength training works. I really need to do some of that!

  4. That cookie was awesome! I want to hang with your family…looks like ya’ll are a riot:-)
    Hope your knee is feeling better. Boo on pain:-( I want to hear more about your run group!

  5. ooh I used to be obsessed with Before sunset, Before sunrise. Those movies are so long, but for a long time I thought it was my life and I was going to reunite with my European love… guess what? real life isn’t like the movies. but it’s fun to watch anyways!

  6. Blue corn chips totally taste better than regular corn chips so I can’t even imagine the awesome that is the red and green chips.

    I liked Before Sunrise better than Sunset, but they were both good. Ethan was scary skinny in Sunset.

  7. Bahahaha I don’t know why you continue to think you can escape Jackie unscathed. Besides, if you keep strength training maybe you’ll be one of those scary fast people that runs a half in the same time I run a 10k. Except then I might hate you, so don’t get that fast.

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