Now I’ve Really Lost My Mind

Thanks for your support on my big announcement yesterday! I’m scared out of my mind and wondering what on earth I was thinking. But then this afternoon, I did this:

NYmarathon application

Of course, I have to wait to be officially in, but since I have a qualifying time, I’m pretty sure that guarantees me entry. So, I’m officially committed. To the tune of $255. Yikes. No getting out of that one! But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one I never thought I’d have the chance to experience, so I think I have to do it.

To stave off some of the shock of registering for not one, but two marathons in 2012, I baked Jessica’sΒ Brown Butter Chocolate-Stuffed Toffee Chip Cookies yesterday afternoon.Β Nothing like pumping myself full of sugar to mellow me out!


These are so incredibly delicious, though. Make them. Really. The brown butter thing seemed a little scary to me, but now that I’ve done it, I’m mildly obsessed. I’m thinking this is a poor way to start the new year–you know, obsessed with pretty much the worst thing for you on the planet? But I can’t help myself. I want to bathe in the stuff.

In other news, marathon training started this morning with a 7 mile run!! The wind chill was something obscene like -1 this morning, so I ran on the treadmill at 7.1, varying the incline throughout so I don’t get too used to running on the flat. It was a great first training run, so I hope it’s indicative of things to come! πŸ˜€

Running marathon without having congratulations ecard someecards

It’s good to have a goal, right?

Now, instead of sitting around and watching college football like I should be, I’m hopping on a plane to DC for a week of work. Sometimes being a grown up is just not that fun! At least my game doesn’t happen until tomorrow night!

2011 2012 College Football Bowl Game Schedule

I really need my Wolverines to play well and not embarrass the Big 10. Yeah, that’d be nice. You hear me, guys???

What races are you running this year?

In addition to my 2 marathons, I’m thinking I might do a half this month, a 10K in May, another half in June, and who knows what else!?




21 thoughts on “Now I’ve Really Lost My Mind

  1. Would that half this month be in….Miami?! πŸ™‚
    Do you plan on taking a long-distance running break after your first marathon or keep it up until NYC race? I find it difficult to keep up the 16-18-20-22 milers month after month. My break between marathons was JUST what I needed.
    Do you have a time goal? I think you could totally pull off a 3:30. No pressure. But do that. For me.

    • Um, I totally responded to this comment whilst traveling, but it didn’t send! GRRR! Anyway, yes, there will be a break between marathons–a nice, long break. πŸ™‚ And the half? Miami, baby!! Woot!

      Time goal? Well, my training plan says I’ll run a 3:10, which I find HILARIOUS. The goal is to finish. Maybe around 3:45?

  2. Woo-hoo on 2 marathons! So excited for you πŸ™‚ I agree with Paula on running a 3:30 marathon. I think you have it in you!

    I definitely think you should run that half this month if involves Miami! Of course, you’ll be waiting for me at the finish line.

    I currently have Miami, Gasparilla (Tampa), Sarasota Halfs and one 10K (plus 2miles) that I just registered for. I’d love to run a summer race, but it’s impossible here.

  3. Wow, 2 marathon registrations in 2 days? That’s pretty baller. I commend you on your early commitment in 2012; you’re going to rock both of the races (among others, of course)!

    I have big plans for the RnR half in Seattle in June and a fall marathon – either Marine Corps or New York!

  4. Woohoo NYC here you come!!!

    I’m running 3M half, Austin half, and ZOOMA Texas half, Austin 10/20 (10m) in April, NJ Marathon in May, and then a race hiatus probably until September or October. Gets too damn hot here! I was planning on entering the lottery for NYC but my sister is getting married 2 weeks before and I don’t think I can afford to fly up there again so soon afterwards. Or afford the $255 registration fee – HOLY CRAP!

    PS please don’t tell my bank account I plan on running all of these races.

  5. You’re not alone! I just did the same thing. Are we insane? I haven’t even run the first one yet and now I’m doing two this year? Crazy. Hopefully they let me in. I’m not ‘guaranteed’. I’ll probably need to find a charity to make it in.

    • Oh, for sure we’re insane. We’re runners, after all! πŸ™‚ But isn’t it exciting!?! What’s the first one you’re running?

      Definitely do the charity thing if you don’t get in with the drawing. I don’t know if I’m “guaranteed” either, even though I have a qualifying time. I’m not sure how it works.

      • I’m running the Tobacco Trail Marathon on 3/18 which is basically a mile away from my house. Talk about home field advantage. I think NYC picks runners by 4/23 and if you don’t get in you can run for a charity. You just have to fund raise but I hear it’s worth it to run NYC. The only thing is you can’t wait to long because the charities fill up. I’m not sure if I should just find one now or wait it out.

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