Speedwork & Salad

Holy freezing out there! I’m not used to being a city commuter, and walking to and from the train this morning in 16* weather was especially rude! Doing that after sweating my face off in the hotel gym this morning was a little traumatic.

For my speedwork today, my training plan wanted 6 miles total with 3X1600 (1 mile) @6:35 pace with 800 jogs in between. Do you have any idea how fast a 6:35 pace is? It’s pretty frickin’ fast. Like 9.1 on the treadmill fast.Β Yeah. Now, I can do an interval of a minute or 2 at a 9 or 10 pace, but a whole mile?

I’m starting to think there’s something to the whole believing in yourself business. Especially if I could do that workout on already jello-y legs from yesterday’s strength training workout. Oh yeah–I’m crazy sore today. As in, groan every time I stand up, shuffling along like an old lady, sort of hurts to breathe sore. It reminds me of the first week of track practice in high school, where I wasn’t at all in shape yet and the workouts totally killed me. Except I’m older now, and I have a feeling I won’t bounce back from this soreness quite as fast as I did then. ;)I’m pretty sure 6:35 is about the fastest I’ve ever run a mile, but probably only because I didn’t think I could. And itΒ was hard and my legs were screaming and my lungs were burning, but I just kept telling myself to push. Push.Β PUSH.


In other news, have you ever heard of Chop’t? It’s kind of a Subway for salads, if you will. I’m pretty sure they only have them in DC and New York, but I can definitely see this concept taking off. Basically, you can order off their menu or build your own salad out of a zillion tasty lettuces and “choppings” (veggies, cheeses, fruits, meat). They build your salad and then go to town on it with a mezzaluna knife.

2012 01 04 1322

In addition to being delicious, it’s highly entertaining to watch! I chose a salad from the menu because I wasn’t feeling creative or inspired, but I’m sure given some time, I could come up with my own creation! Instead, I got a Harvest Cobb, which is FreeBird grilled chicken, granny smith apples, walnuts, beets and goat cheese chop’t with romaine and spinach and dressed with their homemade spa vinaigrette.

2012 01 03 18 19 06 469

I realize it doesn’t look like much all packaged up (and in a crappy cell phone photo), but it was really good! They chop the pieces up so that they’re bite size, but not too fine, and I think they actually got the salad to dressing ratio perfect for me–just lightly dressed so you can actually still taste the vegetables.

2012 01 03 18 19 57 106

Definitely re-creating this at home! Although, I’m sad to say that the beets didn’t do much in this salad, which is such a bummer because they’re usually my favorite! I’d just leave them out or sub them for some dried cherries or cranberries, I think.

Because it was freezing ass cold outside, I also got a cup of 3 bean chili, which was good enough, but nothing special.

2012 01 03 18 20 47 660

And because my sweet tooth will not be tamed, a little blondie action.

2012 01 03 18 20 19 598

For a pre-packaged dessert, this was decent, which is high praise from my refined, home-baked-loving palette. It kept me slightly more happy while I watched a very stressful first half of the Sugar Bowl last night. My Wolverines totally lucked out and represented for the Big 10 with a win in overtime!

2012 01 04 1336

I’m pretty sure the main goal of Michigan football in the last few years has been to take years off my life with these stressful games, but when they have a big win like that, it’s totally worthwhile! Another pleasant surprise! πŸ˜€

Do you ever surprise yourself with how much weight you can lift, how fast you can run, or how far you can go?


17 thoughts on “Speedwork & Salad

  1. I did my first speed run today in a LONG time and thought of you! But I only did 30 seconds at 9.1 – 9.4 on the treadmill with 1.5 min walk in between. By the 12th sprint, I was done. It’s a start though! Maybe I can work my way up to a full mine if my lungs and right foot can take it. πŸ™‚

    • YESSSS!!! I can feel you getting speedier already! πŸ˜€ I remember when I could barely do a minute at 7.5, so that just goes to show that you have to start somewhere! Go easy on that foot, though. You should probably wear some of those new shoes to help it. πŸ˜‰

  2. I constantly surprise myself with how hard I can push/fast I can go. Like when I PR’d at my 2nd half-marathon in November. I almost decided not to race that day because of all the studying that I was doing and then went out and beat my previous PR by 15 minutes! Who knew??

    Congrats on the big bowl win!

  3. nora says:

    Since you’re in DC you must try sweetgreens, it’s a thousand times better than chop’t which used to be my go to as well. Although the chop’t blondies win hands down sweetgreens wins everything else. They even have spicy crispy kale, need I say more?

  4. I am a State fan myself (can we still be friends?!), but I BOY-OH-BOY was that an awesome game last night! πŸ™‚

    And Lady! Holy shiznit you are speedy! I have not done any quality speed work since this summer and I need to get back on that train. You always get out of it what you put into it.

    As far as Chop’t….best idea yet! WANT!

  5. i’ve never been to Chopt and i think that i need to go everytime i walk by it! are you in DC? for how long? if you are still around on Friday would you be up for a dinner meet up at Chopt?

  6. ok 1/2 marathon partner…..we have a small issue if my speed workouts are 1 mile at 8:25 and you are at 6:35….???????????? holy moley…..
    Glad you are such a rockstar…..keep on motivating me to go harder/push/do it/etc…
    I’m yelling at my TV rt now…GO LIONS>>>>>>>
    xoxo from Tobago

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