Greetings from sunny Florida! Please accept my apologies for lack of blogging–Tuesday was spent scrambling to wrap up all of my work before vacation, and now that I’m here, there’s been someone constantly talking to me every moment, which is less than conducive to blogging! 😉


This Sunday, I’m running my fifth half marathon in Miami with Paula and Michelle. Unlike every other half I’ve run, I didn’t train specifically for this race. Of course, I’m training for a full marathon in April, but this was kind of a last minute decision.

Despite the fact that I’m definitely in shape to run it, and I’ve run plenty of races before, I still feel jittery about it. I’m not sure exactly why I’m doubting myself right now, but for some reason, running a race on Sunday suddenly feels like a horrible idea.


I had jitters before my last half, too, but in an excited kind of way. This feels more like nerves–or, to be more specific, fear. That and the fact that over the last few weeks, I’ve been sore, which makes me think I’m already overtraining for the marathon. I thought at first that maybe it was just the extra strength training I’ve been doing, but I laid off this week, and my legs are still pretty achy.

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Besides all that, I’ve just been feeling “off” lately. I can’t put my finger on it, but my body just isn’t right. My stomach has been bugging me, I feel dehydrated, I’m generally just not operating at fully capacity. Then there was my fall earlier this week–not that I fell as hard as I usually do, but I think it’s messing with my head. Oh, and I thought it would be a good idea to climb a fence this morning, so my hands are all scratched up from that. As in, blood running down my wrist during my run–bull in a china shop, I tell ya.

Anxiety about my anxiety

I’m sure everything will be fine.


I’ll have a really bad race . . .

I don’t want that to happen, but I’m mentally preparing myself for it, just in case.

On the bright side, this afternoon, I’m going to the beach. So there’s that. 🙂

Does anyone else get anxious before every single race? Or am I alone in this particular facet of my craziness???


23 thoughts on “Jitters

  1. You’re gonna be great! Jitters and anxiety are a family issue, for sure. Just celebrate being with Paula and Michelle. A half is a piece of cake. (For you…LOL) Breathe, Grasshopper, breathe!

  2. Umm…I get anxious about almost everything, so I can relate! Positive thinking and visualization will totally get you through it! I know it sounds cheesy, but I swear it works! Just think about all the races you have done well in in the past, and picture yourself running strong and crossing the finish line with a smile. YOU WILL DO GREAT!

  3. Yes I get the butterflies days before every race. No matter how many times I’ve done the distance or the course. Honestly, I think its a good thing. It means you really care about doing well and being healthy. If you weren’t jittery, it would make crossing the finish line not as rewarding. You’ll be great!

  4. Nerves are good for you! They keep you from being complacent and make you concentrate until the job’s done. I played over 280 professional games in my sport and there wasn’t one game where I wasn’t nervous before hand. You’ll do just fine…..PMA 😉

  5. I don’t usually get nervous for a race until the morning I wake up for it. So get ready for THAT mess. 🙂
    And I’m with you. I’ve been sick all week. I hope I make it through! I’m sure I can fireman carry you through a few miles if I need to. 😉

  6. I get nervous before I sleep with someone the first time too. Hee.

    I’m actually feeling pretty zen about this race — and I’m SO excited to meet you. You’re going to do great and we are going to have so much fun. Plus – it’ MIAMI (can you believe I’ve never been?)

  7. I have anxiety about every. single. race. I’ve ever done. So I think it’s okay to have some anxiety about this! Just plan on HAVING A BLAST! You’re going to Miami, bienvenido a Miami!

  8. you need to soak in the sunshine, relax and rock it – like you do with every other race you have done! If I can do it —you can KILL it. go go Michigan girl power…ok that was a bit dorky but I am a bit dorky. You can do it!

    XOXO from Calgary

    • That’s what I really need to do. I know myself, though, and I’ll be disappointed if I totally phone it in, so we shall see! No matter what, though, I will try to enjoy it!! 🙂

  9. I get nervous before just about every race. I think I was nervous for about a month leading up to my first full marathon. You will be great, just listen to your body and enjoy the race. Thinking of it more as training for your marathon may help calm your nerves too.

  10. Oh my goodness, you are going to do so well in your half this weekend…your training has been awesome so far this year and you just have to believe in yourself and trust your training!

    If you’re feeling a little overtrained or a little worn out, it doesn’t hurt to take an extra rest day here and there, especially after a really hard workout or long run– I really think that helped me with my marathon training and helped to make me stronger. Who knows though, everyone is different.

    So excited that you’re going to be in Miami! Adrienne works at 1500 degrees, if you happen to run by it 🙂

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