Welcome to Miami

OK, I’m not there yet, but Will Smith has been in my head all week, so he needs to be in yours now, too. You’re welcome.

Will Smith Miami

Originally, it was supposed to be in the low 50s for the 6:15 AM start time tomorrow. This morning, the forecast looks like this:

2012 01 28 0803

Those percentages at the bottom? The humidity. Good thing I remembered my inhaler! Or perhaps I’d be better off in this:

Scuba diving equipment is essential for a safe fun adventure

I remember running in crazy high humidity, I just haven’t done it in months. This should be interesting. On the bright side, I seem to be feeling better after taking yesterday off, so I think I’ll continue to lay low today and hope for the best tomorrow morning!

In other news, I’ve packed my bags for less than 24 hours in Miami, and I have at least 4 outfits and am hell bent on bringing 4 pairs of shoes. Because that’s necessary . . .

Overpackers anonymous

At least I’m in good company!

Time to go clean myself and hit the road! Thanks for all your well-wishes and motivation! At the risk of sounding like a politician (and being flat-out super cheesy), I couldn’t do it without you!!!



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Miami

  1. That humidity is high! I ran the other day in 92% humidity for the first time in months too. When you arenMt used to it, it’s hard to breathe. Sounds like you’re prepared though!!

  2. Our news feed is out of Miami and I so thought of you all day. I hope it went well and all was amazing (i’m sure it was) – I got in a super fast 4 miler today – back in the heat and humidity. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear all about your run.
    xoxo from Trinidad

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