Happy Friday all!

I woke up this morning feeling flu-y, so I need to get back to resting up, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m expecting!

IMG 2517

It’s not the best picture, but that’s my little girl! She’s a vizsla that I’m getting from a breeder a couple of hours west of Ann Arbor. I’ve been wanting a puppy for a really long time, and I’m so glad it’s finally working out! I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been busy getting everything ready for her arrival tomorrow!




I promise not to make the blog all about Roo from here on out, but you probably are going to be seeing her sweet face around here just a little bit. Otherwise, I’ll contain my gushing to Facebook, where I’ll force all my friends to see pictures of her regularly just like I get to see pictures of their kids! It’s high time I had my own fur baby! 🙂

Any tips for new puppy mothers?? I need all the help I can get!

Have a great weekend!


17 thoughts on “Expecting

  1. AHHHH!! I am jumping for joy that you will soon be a Mama to Roo! That is so exciting:-) And Vizslas are AWESOME! My Aunt has raised several. They are so fun, loyal, HYPER!, and friendly. Dogs really are (wo)mans best friend. Enjoy!

  2. OMG – Glen and I want a Vizsla SO bad girl. You and I were so meant to be friends… 🙂
    I am very excited for you….I want a puppy bad. I know we travel too much for that now though. In 2 or 3 years I’ll be ready! Roo looks amazingly cute and I can’t wait to meet your new fuzzy kiddo in April 🙂 Yea….now I can bring doggie gifts!!! 🙂
    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Laurie says:

    You should totally make your blog all about Roo 🙂 Also, I just came across your blog and love! You have a new faithful reader!

  4. OH MY GOSH SO PRECIOUS! I am obsessed with my pup so I am perfectly okay with you making your blog all about yours! 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS! I can’t wait to hear everything, vizla’s are the best, so adorable. GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK!

  5. Renee Byard says:

    YAY……I’ve been so bust with Super Bowl weekend that I just now read this. Sooooooo excited for you and Roo! She’s precious! How’d the 1st two nights go? I’d say it’s a good idea to get a puppy “Nylabone, for those sharp, litttle, puppy needle teeth! 🙂

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