Weekend Update

She’s here!


(and yes, this was taken in the rare 10 second span where she stopped moving!) It’s been a busy few days, settling Roo in, but we’re getting there!

Saturday morning, I woke up early to squeeze in a 12 mile run before making the 2 hour trek to the middle of no where to pick her up. It was a gorgeous day–about 30*, clear, and no wind–when I started running. I ended up running a lot faster than I intended, finishing around a 7:52 pace. Way too quick for a training run! I need to figure out how to slow down. Any ideas, seasoned marathoners???

After the run, my friend Steph came over so she could keep me company on the drive. She basically gave up her Saturday to ride along with me–so nice! Fortunately, we had an unseasonably clear and sunny February day for driving instead of snow and ice, so it was pretty uneventful. Two hours and some paperwork later, I had this little nut in my backseat!


Basically, the past 3 days we’ve vacillated between her running around going apeshit and sleeping on my lap. The crazy puppy parts are fun, but the sleeping on my lap is pretty stinkin’ cute.

Roo sleeping

Full disclosure: this post brought to you by Roo sleeping on my lap. Otherwise, I pretty much can’t get anything done. šŸ™‚

Last night, she calmed down enough for me to watch some of the Super Bowl, which, to tell the truth, doesn’t really interest me. The commercials, either. I’m a college football fan, and I DVR everything, so I never see commercials, ya know? But, I did watch a bit, with some good party of one football fare!

Since I was having my own solo Super Bowl (ahem, SATC marathon) party, I decided to make myself a version of Jessica’sĀ BBQ Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins. I am one of those people that thinks I know what a recipe says, then make it and realize I’ve screwed up a crucial step.


So my skins looked like this. Which wasn’t awful. I basically just mixed the BBQ chicken and caramelized onions and bacon into the sweet potato mixture rather than doing layers. Whoops. It was actually really delicious, just not especially pretty. No biggie.

I did make a point to catch the halftime show, featuring Madonna. First thing’s first. Let me just say that I think Madonna is pretty freaking amazing. I’m an old school Madonna fan for sure, and at 53, she looks ridiculous. Seriously. All she does is yoga??? Skeptical, but it’s Madonna, so I’ll go with it. And I can even forgive the intermittent lip-syncing. I get it; you’re performing. Jumping around and singing isn’t easy.

However, this was just unforgivable.

Madonna Halftime Show Tightrope

Quite possibly the most awkward thing ever. And the camera angle on that guy? Freaky. Also, the new song isn’t doing it for me. I mean, you’re 53. You look amazing, but you’re 53. And we’re doing a cheerleader bit? I get it–Super Bowl. But still. That said, I’m never very impressed by the halftime shows. I guess you have to take them for what they are–a spectacle. And I always appreciate Nicki Minaj rapping faster than any one human being should be able to articulate anything. So there’s that.

Also, there was Clint.

Clint eastwood halftime in america

This may be a Detroit/Michigan pride thing, but the Clint Eastwood Chrylser commercial blew me away. It was at least as good, and probably better than Eminem’s last year. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Chills. Seriously. Makes me proud of Michigan. Haters be gone!

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

What did you think of the halftime show? The commercials?


21 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. First thing: Ok, Roo is seriously THE CUTEST puppy ever!!!!! Well, next to Rogan Furlove;-)
    She is beautiful! I remember when Rogan was a pup. *tear* You just wait, they grow up so fast!
    haha! (but they DO!)

    Second thing: and yes, maybe it is a Michigan thing, but holy guacamole, be still my beating heart – I LOVED the Clint Eastwood commercial . I squealed after it aired. LOVED IT!

    Third: When that cupid was jumping on the tight-rope I WAS CRINGING! So creepy! Ughhh. Need to get rid of that visual.

    And fourth: How and the hell do you run so fast woman!?! Can you bottle some of that up for me!?

    • Thank you! I think she’s pretty fantastic myself!

      Um, yes–squeals, chills, etc! Clint rocked it for the D!

      Was it not the most awkward thing EVER?!?! Who thought that was a good idea?

      I have no idea. Yesterday I did about 9 minute pace and it was a struggle, so I don’t know what to tell ya! šŸ˜‰

  2. Adorable pup – congrats! And I agree with Amanda – your split time is in-sane!! Slow down!! šŸ™‚

    I’m going to have to disagree with ya on the Madonna love. I luv me some ol’ school Mage but last night was…embarassing. I felt like she was trying to be younger than she is by collaborating with artists that I feel can out perform her any day of the week. And the cheerleader bit?? Uncomfortable. But I admit, she still looks like a rock star and well, she is!!! I’m so glad she sang old stuff because me no likey the new stuff! šŸ˜‰

    My fave commercial was the dog that killed the cat and silenced the neighbor with Doritos. Hilarious. 2nd fave was the fat dog who got in shape to be able to chase the VW. Apparently I’m into dogs right now… šŸ™‚

  3. OMG Roo is adorable!!!! So freaking cute :D. I had the super bowl on but I’m pretty sure I watched only a few minutes of it haha. I thought the half-time show was entertaining, but nothing super spectacular. Maybe I was just in a weird mood!

  4. She is SOOOO adorable! Makes the apeshit work it, huh?

    I actually loved Madonna last night – but I went in with low expectations. Especially after last year’s BEP disaster!

  5. Aww! I love Roo! So cute.
    Let’s see…getting slower. Well, putting on 10 lbs and not fitting in my pants seemed to work for me.
    Oh, and I”m sooo old school Madonna too. No way she just does yoga. But I didn’t even tune into the half time show. I’m not really into her being all 53 and trying to pretend she’s 23.

  6. LOVE little Roo, she’s so cute!

    Ok so I’m not a seasoned marathon runner, although I did two in one month, so that might make me a little crazy…but I say it’s ok to have a pace like that on your long runs. Everyone will tell you differently, but I will never say that’s a bad thing, unless it leads to injury. I liked getting used to running long distances at something close to my goal race pace, it made the real marathon in Rehoboth feel sort of like a training run and it actually felt easy.

    Don’t know if that made any sense, haha.

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