My Little Prodigy

Last night was Roo’s first night at puppy school.

I signed up for a clicker-based training class through our local community ed and was initially wait-listed. So I was ecstatic (seriously, like a maniacal mother trying to get her kid into pre-school) when I got a call that she was in!

Last week, I went for orientation, where we learned about the trainer’s philosophy, how to get the dogs used to the clicker, and our training assignment for the first week.


I diligently came home and began practicing with Roo like any good parent would. She learned very quickly that click=treat if she behaves. So now, instead of jumping on the counter the entire time I’m trying to cook, she alternates between jumping on the counter and sitting quietly until I give her a treat. It’s something.

Anyway, so I told her yesterday that we were going to school and that she had to be a good girl and show everyone how smart she is. I’m fairly certain she heard this:

Charlie brown teacher


Either way, she was certainly excited, as she loves to ride in the car, and had her sassy little party pants on when we arrived. Her tail was wagging in the cutest puppy way, where not just the tail wags, but the entire back end of the dog does. It was darling. As cute as a dog butt can be.

We went in, took our place, and while Roo was excited, she seemed relatively calm. I let her take inventory–sniffing, licking, etc.–then tried to get her to settle in by giving her a Kong filled with peanut butter and pumpkin and then frozen (BTW if you have a dog, freezing the Kong is GENIUS!).


I knew things weren’t going to go according to plan when the Kong, which is basically like crack to her, failed to hold her attention. Aw hellll no. There was waaaaaay too much excitement in that gym for her to focus on her beloved peanut butter, let alone her stupid mother.

We were “encouraged” to move to an adjacent room where I could still hear, but where she’d be less distracted. πŸ˜€

Fat chance.

All she wanted to do was lick and sniff everything in that room, and then get back to the main room with the other dogs.

2012 02 20 10 57 38 479

To say I left with a tiny headache is the understatement of the year.

I know she was just excited and distracted by her new environment, but honestly, if they made Ritalin for dogs, I’d take a case. I haven’t nicknamed her Crazy Town for nothing!

My little prodigy . . . πŸ™‚

2012 03 04 17 13 12 130

She’s smart. She’ll get it. Right???


5 thoughts on “My Little Prodigy

  1. Awww — she will get it! Maybe next will be better. I swear dogs are like kids — you have to apply the 3-day rule. It takes about 3 days to acclimate.

    At least she is adorable πŸ™‚

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