Thursday Things

It’s Thursday! I’ve got things for you!

Fitness Singles

Fitness singles

Apparently, I’m now being actively pursued by online dating networks. My browsing history must indicate something special if this little gem landed not in my spam but in my actual inbox this morning. Lucky for me, now I know how to find someone who ignites my passion. Word.

Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles Bangle

Tiffany 1837interlocking circles bangle1

Yes, friends, this gorgeous set of interlocking bangles can be yours for the bargain price of $4,200. Where’s my knight in shining armor again??? Forget igniting my passion. I’ll take the bracelet, please.

Pink Nails with a Pop of Glitter

Pink plus glitter nails

Such a simple idea, but so pretty and elegant, too. I may have the funding for fancy Tiffany bangles, but I can definitely afford a couple of new bottles of polish. And a Starbucks. And a knock-off cubic zirconia from JC Penney.

Polished & Put Together

202802789440044751 TLlLulWk f

Such a simple outfit, but she looks so put together. I have probably never looked this put together in my entire life. OK, maaaaaybe once. But that doesn’t mean I can’t admire this and pretend someday I’ll look this polished. 😉

A Tattoo I Don’t Hate

165929567490426353 40I29GWB f

Typically, I’m not a big tattoo fan, but this is just gorgeous. It makes me want to write on my hand 8th grade style. Because that would be fine for a 32 year old grown-ass woman to do, right?

Cocktails on the Patio

116389971589528107 8axfRMsq f

This is literally the only time I might be considered outdoorsy. Otherwise, no dice. And I’m sure all of you who live in beautiful climates are sick of hearing about this already, but we’re having an early spring in Michigan, and it’s making us all want to shout it from the rooftops. It’s March 15, and I’m wearing sandals today, bitches. Unprecedented!!!

That’s all I’ve got for today, kids! Who’s loving what?

PS–Drumroll, please! Thanks to the fact that Paula has more technical savvy than I do, Hungry Healthy Happy now has a Facebook page! Feel free to Like me if you, you know, like me . . .


14 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. hhrunner says:

    fitness singlesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! so does that mean you’re joining? also, love the simple look so much, i am a HUGE fan! happy Thursday friend!! ❤

  2. I am loving this whole list! Well, besides the Fitness Singles….fo’ real?! If it makes you feel better, that showed up in my inbox this morning too.

    I am also loving this weather! I am thinking of splurging on a pedi. Why is it a splurge? Because my luck I will get one and then lose a couple toenails due to marathon training. That is is always how my cookie crumbles.

    Oh, and those glasses?! I want to cheers with those pronto!

    • OK, it totally makes me feel better that you got it, too!

      You should definitely splurge on a pedi. I was thinking this morning that my feet weren’t fit for being in public. They need attention!


  3. These things are all amazingly cute. Wish I could look 25% as cute as the girl in the fashion photo. I’m lucky if I throw on a clean crew neck t-shirt and jeans without a saggy butt.

    I’m loving this weather in Michigan right now! March 15 and I actually showed off some upper arm today. However, I’m scared for the wrath that will most likely be this summer. I’m guessing we’re going to have 72 days of straight 99+ degree temps w/ humidity at 92%.

  4. I don’t like you, I love you ;)…so of course I’m going to like your fb page! I love that nail polish look. It’s so pretty! I’m loving that I am going to enjoy a nice filet mignon tonight with some red wine….yummy hehe

  5. Woo hoo for Facebook pages! Now git some pics up on there. And I want those nails too. But not that tattoo. I’d probably keep trying to rub it off like I accidentally got ink on my hand.

  6. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    I need those jeans the put together chick is wearing. AKA – I need to look put together!!!
    What is the pic source?

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