Lacings {guest post from Fiterature}

Hi kids! I’m off big timing it (or not) in Washington, D.C. this week, so the lovely Megan of Fiterature has a fantastically fun guest post for you! If you haven’t read Megan’s blog yet, you’re going to want to check it out! She’s incredibly entertaining, and she’s pretty much BFF’s with Jillian Michaels since she used to work on The Biggest Loser. 😉 Enjoy her post–I’m definitely trying these ideas when I finally start running again!
Hey Friends! A big thanks to Melissa for allowing me to guest post while she is out of town.  Melissa’s blog is one of the first I came across, and the first that I instantly connected with!  Melissa has such a positive outlook on life, is refreshingly honest, loves to lace ‘em up and hit the road (like muah!) and shares uh-mazing recipes.  What’s not to love, right?
You are probably wondering, “Who is this imposter on Melissa’s blog?”  Allow me to introduce myself!  I’m Megan! I am a writer, editor, designer and actor. I am a veggie, triathlete, wife, and lover of antiques, chapstick and jeggings. I’ve been annoying my friends and family with how to eat well and stay fit for years, and finally someone said “You should blog about this.” Which means: “Leave me alone and go bother someone else”. For once I listened, thus Fiterature was born. Fiterature is my place in the world to share what I’ve learned and give back to those who have made a difference in my journey.  I love to laugh, so my one promise is that Fiterature will never takes itself too seriously.  And I hope you don’t, either. (Not gonna lie – this description is pulled straight from the bloggy blog. Not feeling too creative today!)
80 s photo
A few months ago, I signed up for my first marathon – Chicago.  I’ve been putting in more mileage than I have in awhile, and have been uber conscious about staying healthy.  I have a long way to go until the race in October, and I’d like to make it in one piece.  So, I am paying attention to my nutrition, hydration, giving myself days off and trying out different lacings.
Lacings?  Whatcha mean?  Is that a new energy drink that’s laced with performance enhancing drugs?  No – I am way too unfamous for fancy drugs like that.  Lacing is simply that – how you lace your shoes.  New shoes, and even old faithfuls, can rub, chafe and cause pain in the wrong places. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to switch shoes.  You might just need to relace, enhancing the fit to your foot.
The three techniques below are the ones I use the most, because these problems seem to arise for me.  There are many more ways to tie your shoes – I found one website that boasts 37 different ways!  Um yea, you aren’t getting’ 37 outta me – sorry folks.
  1. My heel slides up and down, and I’m getting a blister: Tighten the fit around the ankle, not the entire shoe. Lace shoes like you normally would, leaving one eyelet empty at the top on each side. Instead of crossing the lace to the opposite eyelet, bring through the last eyelet on the same side . Repeat on other side. Cross each lace over the tongue, thread it through the opposite loop, tighten and tie. The loops help to cinch in the material around your ankle to prevent your heel from slipping without making the rest of your shoe any tighter.Technique 1ABC
  2. My shoes rub and bruise the top of my foot: Reduce the pressure on that part of your foot by “skipping” over it. Put your bare foot in the shoe.  Push gently on the top of your foot until you feel the trouble spot.  Wherever your finger is, the eyelets below it are the ones you are going to “skip”. Lace shoe until you reach the eyelet before the spot. Take the lace back under and pull it up through the next eyelet on the same side. Take the lace across and continue to lace as normal. Repeat this on the other side. You’ll have an empty spot on the tongue where no laces cross it, which should eliminate your pressure point.Technique 2ABC
  3. My toenails are turning black (yes, this happens!): Thread one end of the lace diagonally, lifting the toe box up an away from the nail. Thread one end of the lace through the eyelet next to your big toe. Pull the end of that lace up to the last eyelet on the opposite side, bringing the lace through to the outside. Leave just enough lace at the top to tie a bow. Take the remaining portion of the lace straight across the toes and through the eyelet opposite where you began. Zigzag all the way up the shoe, until all eyelets are laced.  When you pull on the outside lace, it will lift the material above your big toe up and off your nail.

Technique 3ABC

So don’t get discouraged if your brand new Brooke Pureflows (what what?!) are rubbin’ you the wrong way worse than the new coworker who keeps calling everyone babe and shooting finger guns.  Simply try out a few of these lace techniques, and those wheels will be ready for flip flop season in no time.
Double finger guns
Thanks again to Melissa for letting me hijack her page.  I hope you all learned something today and if NOT – when I was in junior high, my forehead was in serious danger of a unibrow. No joke.  Betcha didn’t know that, did you?! …..Anywho, stop on by my blog when the mood strikes for more fitness, food and fun!  Or just to say wazzzup.  People still say that, right?



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  1. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    Nice to meet everyone and THANKS FOR READING! PS, if you jump over to my page, I have full-size versions of the pics above under the “photos” tab!

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