Finding Healthy Balance in the Midst of Stress {guest post from Imperfectly Perfect}

Today’s guest post is from my sweet friend, Kim of Imperfectly Perfect. It doesn’t get any more honest than this girl! Enjoy, and I’ll see you next week! XOXO

Hi There, Hungry Healthy Happy Readers!

My name is Kim and I blog over at Imperfectly Perfect…and learning to love italthough, I’ve been MIA lately.


I was SO excited when Melissa asked me to guest post for her this week.  She’s such a lovely gal and I (selfishly) wish we lived near each other to hang out and drink some of that good ol’ wine we know she loves.



I’m pretty sure we’re friends because she knows I work for a Wine & Spirits importing company.  Haha.  Just kidding, Melissa!  😉

Back in February I began preparation for a fitness competition.  I didn’t have an exact show date yet, but wanted to get my body into competition shape.  To put things shortly, as much as competing had always been a dream of mine, the stress of being “perfect” (eating, training, etc.) in addition to mounting stress at work brought about an old bad habit, my eating disorder (we’ll call it ED).  ED tends to pay a visit when things aren’t going well in my life, usually meaning I’m under a lot of stress.  I’ve been dealing with him since college, so I know the typical cycle.  Over the years, this occurrence has lessened and I’m able to kick the habit much quicker.

After a major breakdown and a heart-to-heart with my mom, I had new confidence in myself and began to question things like:

When did just living a healthy life become not good enough, in my eyes?

Why go to extremes that are unmanageable and only cause unnecessary stress?

I don’t know why, when or how I got to the point that I did.  I now realize that competing just isn’t the best thing for me to strive for because it brings about some unhealthy behaviors.  It’s taken me a long time, my friends (can I call you friends yet?), but I see that balance, not perfection, is where it is at.  If you strive to eat healthy most of the time, get a few good sweat sessions in to get the ol’ ticker working, and lift some iron you’ll be able to fully enjoy the treats you allow yourself some of the time.

I mean, I would never be able to enjoy my Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins being on the competition plan.  What fun would that be?


Heck, I wasn’t even allowed to have a bite of a banana on my plan, never mind a banana muffin!  For around 200 calories, I think these are worth it!

Nor would I be able to have my Healthier Chicken Cordon Bleu, because of the cheese.


From now on, I’m all about health and balance, instead of reaching a certain bodyfat percent.  I think that my boyfriend will enjoy me MUCH more in this state of mind instead of the Debbie Downer I’ve been for weeks!

Melissa – Thanks for letting me rant and rave on your blog!  Love ya!



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