11 Things–Take 2

So, I know I already did my 11 Things, but Megan posted hers the other day. She tagged me, and I really liked her questions, so guess what? You get 11 MORE things about me! I know. You’re thrilled. I’ll give you a moment to calm down before I go on . . .

Effortless fits perfectly laziness friendship ecard someecards

BTW, I just have to tell you:


{See? I had to shout. That’s how you know I’m serious about loving Megan. She’s a fellow Michigan girl and she likes to gangsta rap–what more do you need to know???}

Megan’s Questions:

1) Marry one, kiss one, kill one (90’s sitcom style): Steve Urkel, Mr. Feeny, Danny Tanner.  What do you do?
Marry one: Danny Tanner. He cooks and cleans. This is a no-brainer.
Kiss one: Steve Urkel. I can take one for the team here. I’d prefer if he were in Stefan mode for this kiss, but whatevs. I’ve done worse.
Kill one: I have no ill-will against Feeny. How many times did he offer sage advice to Corey? He and Topanga never would’ve made it without Feeny. Alas, he gets killed by default–there will be no marrying or kissing Feeny. Sorry dude.
80s dudes
2) You have one day to eat whatever you want with no caloric or weight penalty.  What do you chomp on?
A giant breakfast of banana pecan pancakes with super crispy bacon and sweet potato tater tots (I die!) plus black coffee, a Zingerman’s sandwich for lunch with a good craft beer, gelato as a snack, and dinner at the Common Grill–parmesan portobello fries, a butter lettuce and pear salad with gorgonzola, halibut with crispy leeks, and let’s throw in a petite filet wrapped in bacon on the side–why not? With wine, of course. And some kind of ridiculously rich chocolate dessert. Even just listing that makes me feel nauseous. I’m assuming in this fantasy I have room for all of this food, right?
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3) What’s one thing that makes you smile no matter how angry or sad you are?
Roo. She’s pretty much the best. When I got home after my trip on Saturday, she was so excited that she peed a little. Now that’s love. I mean, I’ve never been so excited to see someone that I peed myself. Just saying. And then she slept on my lap all day yesterday. Love!!!
Sleepy roo
4) Name a guilty pleasure TV show.
The Kardashians in any form. I am unapologetically addicted. What can I say? They make me feel like I have it SO together.
5) A time traveling machine will take you back to any decade you want.  Which do you choose & why?
The 60s for sure. I’m sure this is heavily influenced by Mad Men, which I’ve actually only watched once. I’ve also had a long-standing girl crush on Jackie Kennedy–I dressed up as her for a high school project–so I’d need to meet her. Or be her. Or heavily stalk her.
1962 jackie kennedy pearl necklace
I just love the idea of the energy going on in that decade. The world was changing in such big ways, ya know? I have to believe it was an exciting time to live. Plus, the fashion is awesome, and I would get to see my parents as teenagers. No brainer.

6) What fitness activity do you absolutely loath?
Weights. Blech. And anything that involves jumping.
Shockingly weak
What? You’re sick of that picture??? Don’t worry. I’ll take a new humiliating photo soon.
7) Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean: Does it really work?  Alyssa Milano seems to think so (and she was Tony Micelli’s daughter for god’s sake), and that damn infomercial is so convincing.  Hmm.
Funny you should ask, Megan, because my original 11 Things post spoke specifically about how Alyssa Milano is driving me crazy. Even so, I have a feeling this shiz does actually work. I mean, she has seriously awesome hair, right??? Then again, I’m not sending away for it or anything. Guess I’ll have to wait for someone else to report back.
Alyssa Milano 117
8) Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes! I’ve had a waffle iron for years. I’ve moved it about 7 times, but haven’t made waffles in at least 10 years. I think it may be time to abandon the waffle iron.

9) If you were to get stuck in a hot air ballon with someone for 17 hours, who would that person be, and how would you pass the time?
First of all, who thinks of this question??? 😉 I think I’d choose my sister. Because of her awesomeness, naturally. I’m sure we’d entertain ourselves by finding things totally hysterical that no one else understands since that’s what we usually do.
10) At what age did you find out that Santa was not real?  How did you react?
I think I was about 7 (almost 8) when I officially confirmed my suspicions. I was kind of a little shit and spied on my parents filling the stockings on Christmas Eve. My reaction? It confirmed what I already suspected, so I guess I’d say not surprised? This appears to be a theme in my life.
Sorry advance doing apology ecard someecards

11) What’s your favorite thing about Fridays?


Give me the answers to your favorite question or two. Or eleven. I’ve no idea how busy you are this Monday.



16 thoughts on “11 Things–Take 2

  1. clairerd says:

    If you’re a Kennedy fan, you should read the new memoir about the girl who had an affair with him. Great book!

  2. You really busted out with #2 there! I feel like you did no thinking and just typed that out in one stream of consciousness.
    I haven’t even heard of that hair care, but I don’t trust any celebrity to sell me something. Especially beauty products because they have so many people that make them look awesome. It could be a trick! Tho, I do kinda get pulled in to that Cindy Crawford infomercial. That girl looks totes ridic good.

    • Yes, the idea of eating anything and everything made me completely unhinged! And that Cindy Crawford infomercial has to be legit. Then again, she’s a supermodel. So there’s that.


  3. Reading your list of food (and seeing the picture of pancakes!) made me soooo hungry. I want to eat all of that right now! And would like someone to make me french toast for dinner! Roo is so precious, so adorable!

  4. Because of Mad Men I wouldn’t want to live in the 60s. Men were SUCH assholes back then!

    Roo is so cute. That’s pretty much how I felt with my kids today. Man I missed them way too much (but I’m back!!).

    How was DC?

  5. I so enjoyed reading your responses and I’m glad that you *heart* me enough to do 11 Things twice! Love your rationale for “marry, kill, kiss”; I about died at “How many times did he offer sage advice to Corey and Topanga?” God, I loved that show.

    And thanks for your shoutout! I got all caps?!? What? That is amazing 🙂

  6. I love how in love Roo is with you…it is so sweet!

    Ok, Q2…That is a question that I take very seriously and I ponder way to often. Lately I have been OBSESSED with German Chocolate Blizzards so I know that one (or two!) of those would have to be consumed….

    Loved your list! I may have laughed out loud once or twice and nodded my head in agreement a few times 😉

  7. Your dog is so stinking cute! I love vizlas! Is he a good running buddy? I just got a new golden-doodle puppy. You should check him out. He’s pretty stinking cute 🙂

    Oh and I totally agree with you on the Kardashian’s.

    To answer a few questions…

    Def pancakes. Preferably with blueberries, bananas, or pecans, or all of the above.

    Another guilty pleasure show (besides kardashians) is The Real Housewives of Orange County. So ridiculous. So entertaining.

    • She is a good running buddy! She just needs to learn how to be on the leash a little better. I’m pretty sure she has no idea that me running is any different than me walking. In fact, she pretty much pays zero attention to me once we leave the house. 😉


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