Several Things

1. Have you seen this???

Or this???

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Or THIS???

Kind of hard to see, but those are semi trailers being tossed around like legos. I don’t know about you, but I find that terrifying.

2. I have a new breakfast obsession.

Photo courtesy of Instagram for Android. Finally!

Two egg whites, a Sun-Dried Tomato & Mozzarella Laughing Cow cheese wedge, and fresh spinach–microwaved for 90 seconds and layered on a toasty English muffin with fresh tomato. I pretty much want to marry it.

3. 50 Shades of Grey

Who’s reading this? Thoughts? Worth driving across town on the off chance Barnes and Noble has a copy? I was going to order it on Amazon, but the shipping was going to cost more than the book. Unless I spend $25 so I can get free shipping. Which just irritates me and makes me want to punch Amazon in the face. But if the book is that good, I might suck it up and find something else to order.

4. RED 

Today I am wearing red pants. Am I pulling them off? Hope so because I totally have to leave the house today. And it’s hard to tell, but I also let the hair girl put some lowlights in last night. They’re really . . . RED. And I kind of love it.

5. My dog is insane.

This has not stopped since Monday morning. How do you photograph that???

So insane, in fact, that I’ve stopped calling her “Roo” and have decided to refer to her exclusively as “Crazytown.” Because she is out.of.control.

6. Rihanna. 

I’ve put this on Twitter and Facebook, so I think it’s time it made the blog, right?

If only Rihanna would come out with a new song that sounds EXACTLY like the other 12 currently in rotation, my life would be complete.

7. But seriously. 

Thank God the radio people are phasing out the whiny Someone Like You in favor of Rumor Has It. About damn time.



25 thoughts on “Several Things

  1. Those videos are crazy! I can’t believe the people in the first two made it out un harmed. You are definitely rocking the red pants! I’m loving the colored pants thing this season!!

    How is running going? Are you back at it?

  2. Been lurking around reading you for a while now and finally decided to comment 🙂

    2. LOVE that sandwich, I do the exact same thing minus tomato almost every day or make it as an omelet. Omelette? Omlette? (None of those look correct to me!)

    3. I actually read the first Fifty Shades book last week after a friend told me about it and quickly loaded the second and third books to read the entire trilogy in 5 days. (I have a back injury so I can’t sit, much less work out so mucho laying down for me and I am going insane.) The series isn’t bad, man is it dirty! haha! I like it 🙂 Just be sure to take it for what it is and nothing else; which for me was some kink thrown in with a love story, some drama and pure fiction rolled into an entertaining form.

    4. The red pants look great on you!

    7. I adore Adele, but radio is killing me with the constant repeats.

  3. LOL – my personal trainer said that EXACT thing last night. Rihanna came on and she is like, “I can’t tell her songs apart.” During our hour workout, they played FOUR of her songs. COME ON, guys. Then she couldn’t tell the 2 Nicki Minaj songs apart either, so there’s that.
    I spy an Instagram! ❤ ❤

  4. Loving the red pants! I just bought a pair of turquoise skinny jeans that I am hoping to get some fun wear out of soon.
    I just ordered 50 Shades of Grey from Amazon (I bought two other books so I did get the free shipping;-) Can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about with this book!
    Now let’s talk about that sandwich…you know that it is right up my ally right?! It looks so yummy! I make that often, but sub pesto instead of spinach…to die for:-)

  5. robfiasco says:

    love the red pants! i saw the 50 shades of grey on the top list but have no idea what it’s about. is it more of a book for the ladies?? you don’t have a kindle? 😦 amazon prime has free 2 day shipping on everything.

  6. Based on your Rhianna comment alone, I’m pretty sure we’re soul mates. Girl can sing & she’s exotic and all, but damn. I don’t care where you found love or if you’re the only girl in the world or if you’ll take care of Drake or not. Give me a break from YOU, Rhianna.

    And you’ll be happy to know i’m commenting from the drive thru at Taco Bell. Classy!

  7. thehinzadventures says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the red jeans! Awesome – really hot! I eat those egg mcmuffin sammys almost every morning! Going to have to try them w/some sun dried tomatoes for sure! Looking forward to our running blate friend! 🙂

    xoxo from Michigan

  8. I love those jeans! I’ve been wanting to try the red jean thing but I’ve only seen them as skinny jeans. I love them a little flared. I might run to Gap today. Just saying. I also really like the pairing with that top. Very cute.

    • Hey thanks! It’s all from the Gap, so maybe you can get the same thing. 🙂 They’re actually pants, not jeans, if that makes sense. Not quite khaki material, but not super fancy, either. Good luck!


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