Hangover Heaven

While I’ve never been to Vegas–need to remedy that ASAP–I have a pretty good sense of what goes on there. I think I’d be good at Vegas. Just a hunch.


But I know that even the most seasoned drinkers among us occasionally have a hard time maintaining their stamina on the strip.

Enter Hangover Heaven.

040912 sb hangoverbus 640


No, really. This is a legitimate thing. Started by a Duke-educated anesthesiologist, Hangover Heaven is a mobile cure all for getting the most mileage out of your Vegas experience.

Basically, the hangover bus will rehydrate you via pediatric (read: tiny and less invasive) IVs and take the edge off with vitamins and anti-nausea drugs. The bus makes loops up and down the strip and will pick you up right outside of your casino or hotel. Inside, you bask in the AC in one of the two lounge areas or six bunk beds, enjoying HDTV and refreshments while your hangover is whisked away.

Says the good doctor, “People come to Las Vegas to blow off some steam, relieve stress and have a good time. Should we lose an entire day of our vacation because the bartender over-served us the night before? I say NO.”

Um, yeah. Pure genius. And also, is this man single? Because he’s totally talking my talk.


IMG 6591 1024x682


I will refrain from comment.

Obviously, this isn’t something you’d want to do all the time, just like you wouldn’t want to drink to the point of having a hangover all the time. Because then you would be this:



And no one wants that.

There’s also some question in my mind about having a needle inserted into my arm whilst riding a bus in Vegas. I’m sure that they have procedures in place to make this ok, but it just seems like a horrible idea.

What do you think? Hangover Heaven–yay or nay???


30 thoughts on “Hangover Heaven

  1. hhrunner says:

    BAHAHA. I’m so glad you tagged me as a seasoned drinker. Admittedly though, I’ve been spending more time hungover than not lately (stupid injury) so maybe I need to just ride around in one of these buses all the time!

  2. robfiasco says:

    that is amazing. but seems shady. haha. I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover that would require ‘hangover heaven’ though. As i’ve gotten older, i’ve gotten better at either realizing i’m getting drunk and pacing myself or stopping and also rehydrating myself.

    that may possibly be thrown out the window though if I went to Vegas. I’ve yet to find out.

    perhaps I should test it out. just to find out for sure…… hrmm….. πŸ™‚

  3. Nay!! Hangover heaven, seems unreal lol What why??? Water, advil, think you’ll just be okay. I love your first pic, you are hilarious. Hangovers…never fun but it’s the stories that make me laugh so hard. Can’t wait until summer….we roll we coolers lmao

    Have a good one!

  4. Hold up. Why are just you telling me about this NOW — now that I’m back from Vegas for the second time 4 months. You’ve been holding out!!!

    I have no desire to go back to Vegas any time soon – but if I do, I hope it’s with you πŸ™‚

    • It doesn’t open until this Saturday–I wouldn’t have kept this from you!!! And yes, I want you to be part of my vegas experience. Duh.


  5. That just seems sketchy. I think I’ll just sip my water out of a long straw, take some advil, hit a buffet, and take a nap like I usually do for hangovers. Or you know, like I usually do after work.

  6. I feel like a hangover is sort of your liver’s way of saying “cool it for a hot second” and I’m scared to see what people would put themselves through if there were no hangover punishment. Still, this guy will prob make a million dollars.

    • Ah, so true. Hangovers are definitely a reminder NOT to do that to yourself. I can see doing this as a novelty in Vegas, but never on a regular basis. 


  7. That bus is pretty crazy. We have a service here in my college town that you can hire to come and clean up your house after a party and they will also bring gatorades, vitamin water, and take out of your choice.

  8. I seriously DIED when you posted his pic and said that you would refrain from comment! Bwahhahaha! So yes, this seems shady as all get out. But if I was in Vegas and hung-over as can be, I might just be desperate enough to try it. Hangovers=desperation to get rid of hangover. Right?! But did you check out the price of Hangover Heaven?! Ridic. I would rather just use that money on more booze and go the ‘hair of the dog that bit me’ route.

  9. I know firefighters and paramedics who will take advantage of their access to IVs to do this–I’ve always wanted to try! PS just discovered your blog and looking forward to following!

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