I’m trying really hard not to eat the exact same thing every day. It’s not going well . . .


I’ve been burying my face in that every morning for the last 3 or so weeks. Still not sick of it. And dinner?


I guess breakfast is having a moment in my house.

In an effort to incorporate some variety (and, ahem, vegetables), I decided to try Stuft Mama’s Broccoli Bake the other night.

Broccoli bake

Ho-ly balls. (Apparently that is my new favorite descriptor for delicious things??? Hmmm . . . ) This stuff is DELICIOUS!

All you do is mix a bag of broccoli slaw with some rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, and some seasonings and bake. Easy peasy and freaking delicious. (Did I mention it’s delicious?) I ate the leftovers cold for lunch the next day and they were equally fantastic. New staple? I think yes.

I also had the genius idea to make my cauliflower poppers into BUFFALO cauliflower poppers.


Just cut up a head of cauliflower, toss it with ~1/4 cup of buffalo sauce, and roast at 400* for 50 minutes. Broil them for a few extra minutes at the end to get them extra crispy, then eat ’em up alongside some skinny blue cheese dressing. Best idea of the day.

Oh, and another brunch at Zola happened last Saturday. That looked like this:

713f315c865311e1a87612313804ec91 7

Caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and goat cheese in an open-faced egg white omelet. And one of these, natch.

bloody mary

See that garlic stuffed olive? Divine.

I know you’ve all been dying to know what I’ve been eating lately, so there you have it.

What are you stuffing your face with these days?


16 thoughts on “Eats.

  1. fo shizzle! It all looks so good. That 3-week thing you’ve been eating. What are all the ingredients, exactly? And what is that cereal? and and and … gonna re-look at the pics. (yes, “re-look” is a word)

    • oh, re-look is definitely a word.

      for the sammich: egg whites, laughing cow sun dried tomato mozzarella, spinach, tomato on ww english muffin. cereal: special K red berries, kashi go lean crunch honey almond, trader joe’s high fiber cereal (I don’t know if that’s the real name), banana, strawberries, raspberries.

      boring and delicious.


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