Running Update: The Princess Bride Edition

Well it’s about time we talk about running again, don’t you think?

As you wish

You all know me well enough at this point that it will come as no surprise that I am terrified to talk about running anymore. Because for so long, I was all, “Running is going so great!” and “I’m getting faster and pushing myself and feeling amazing in my workouts!” and “I think I’ll train for a marathon, and I’ll even do hardcore strength training, too, and I will continue to get faster and ultimately CRUSH 26.2!!!”

And then the bottom dropped out. More specifically, I hurt my stupid back and was sidelined for 6 desperately long weeks that sent me into the pit of despair.

Tumblr m1cz0qUPnC1rpbh80o1 400

Yep, there.

But really, aside from my general paranoia that my back might hurt, running is going well. Really well.

*furiously knocks on wood*

Last Saturday, I set out for another long run–12 miles to be exact. The weather was cool and crisp and even a little drizzly, but actually perfect for running. I tried to slow down–honestly. Really and truly. For most of the run, I stayed right around 8:45 pace. Until I didn’t. The last few miles were–um–quick. I’m blaming the rain and the fact that it was coming down pretty hard at that point, and I really just wanted to finish up. But that’s not true. The rain was glorious, and I just felt great, so I went for it. So sue me.

Prince Humperdinck

At any rate, my overall pace ended up at 8:35. Considering I was running closer to 8’s before the injury, I’d say this is totally acceptable.

Then I came home and had a date with the torture device known as the foam roller.

Princess Bride 5

Seriously–foam rolling is painful. And not in a hurts-so-good kind of way. In a please-make-it-stop-before-I-cry kind of way. Yowsa.

Then Monday night, I had the bright idea to do my run after dinner (<— worst idea EVER). First, I had to switch treadmills. Then, I had to, um, use the restroom. Then, my stomach got cramp. Then, I got crabby. Then . . . then . . . then . . . it was just bad. And in the last 2 minutes, my back started to feel off.

I know.

So Tuesday I did yoga and rested. No real pain, but the shadow of pain–do you know what I mean? The feeling that the pain might not be there, but a slight twinge told me it was and that I needed to really watch it because who knows I might have injured myself again?

{is anyone getting a sense of how exhausting it is to live inside my head all the time?}


Wednesday, I thought I’d play it safe and not run. Except then I decided I was ok and should go ahead and do it. Guess what? No pain!


The moral of the story is: I need to suck it up and stop being such a neurotic freak. Which will never happen, obviously.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


10 thoughts on “Running Update: The Princess Bride Edition

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  1. I love this post for two reasons:
    1. You are back! YOU ARE SO BACK!! Weee!
    2. Princess Bride is one of my all time FAVORITE movies. Ever.
    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”
    Every line in this movie is flippin’ awesome.

  2. hah LOVE the princess bride theme. too funny!
    aaaand YAY for less back pain. i know the slower pace can be frustrating, but youll get there. so excited that you ran pain free!

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