The DAC–Take 2

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your well wishes on Friday’s news! I’m still partly in shock, but it’s a good kind of shock. I think. No, it is. 

Anyway, this weekend was spent making lists and crossing things off, packing like a maniac, re-leasing my condo, looking for a new place, and attempting to sell my furniture on craigslist, including my couches.


Cute, right?

And this is what I get for posting on craigslist:

Hi Melissa –
I’m a colorblind bachelor – so I reverted to the fashionistas in my circle who advised me against matching solid color furniture. – lol – What do I know ???
I’m going to pass on the couch set. Hope I didn’t interrupt any other sale possibilities.
Not so good with 4-legged models, but know my taste a little better when there are two less legs.
Any chance you are single ? ;)

Does this kind of thing happen to anyone else??? Good lord. 

Anyway, craigslist stalkers aside, the rest of the weekend was fantastic. Filled with packing which = productivity which = happy me. 

My parents also took me out for a celebratory dinner at the Detroit Athletic Club. You may remember that we went there last summer when I first took my current job. This time was just as good. We even had the same server–my buddy Daryl! 


Please excuse my puffy, I-haven’t-slept-in-a-week face.

We started with wine, naturally.


And then I opened up my menu to see this!


Awe! So nice! 🙂 

As usual, everything at the DAC was amazingly delicious. After our amuse bouche of smoked salmon on a seaweed salad with red chili aioli . . . 


We started with shrimp cocktail and some salty, briny oysters!


I hadn’t had oysters in ages, and these were good! 


Then, I got the most incredible salad on the planet–the DAC cafe salad with mixed greens, cumin spiced almonds, golden raisins, seedless grapes, red onion, French feta cheese, and poppy seed vinaigrette. 


Those almonds are the -ish. I think they fall straight from heaven and are then sprinkled with unicorn dust. True story.


Yes, I took a close up photo of my feta and almonds. 

For the main event, Mom and I both got the salmon, served with sweet potato latkes, sautéed kale, and a warm slaw of granny smith apples, pears, rock shrimp and other things I can’t remember because we were on our second bottle of wine at this point.


Just keeping it real here, kids.


It was out of this world good. 
The carnivore feasted on prime rib.
And then we did dessert and coffee.
There might have been booze in mine. Fun fact: I don’t like whipped cream and scoop it off pretty much anything it comes on. I also don’t actually like donuts. I think that’s it for my weird dessert confessions. 
Anyway, we shared a chocolate mousse cake of sorts and an ice cream sundae covered in toasted coconut. You only get to see the cake because the sundae photo is blurry. Not sure how that happened??? 😉
And then, just when you think you’re going to pop, they bring the bill and a little sweet miniature pecan pie to send you on your way. 
Ahhh! Such a good place! My parents are the best celebrators (yep, that’s a word) I know! We had such a fun time–I’m going to miss them! Good thing flights out to DC from Detroit are reasonably cheap! 
Apparently, Daryl had some trouble focusing the camera, too. 🙂 We still love you, Daryl!!! I told him that I had written about him on the blog after our last trip there in the summer so he was pretty much famous at this point. He was glad to have an explanation for all the movie offers and book deals he’s been receiving since then. Great exposure up in here, I tell ya! 
Alrighty! Back to the madness!!! 

20 thoughts on “The DAC–Take 2

  1. It’s kind of overcast here in the District today but after work I’m going to explore one of the many paths to run, Roosevelt Island National Park. I also really want to check out running on the C&O towpath, which is a soft gravel, starts in Georgetown and supposedly goes all the way to Pittsburgh!! (I can’t run that far, obv, but I bet you could! 😉 ) Get here already…

    • I tried to tell him that I was single and thought they were great couches, but I’m moving, so getting rid of them, to which he responded:

      How about you take me with you and I’ll bring thecouches! – lol

      So you’re moving ? Where ? When ? That’s not part of the script. What are you going to do if I come look at the couches and you fall in love ? You willing to take that chance ???

      OK – What’s your address – on the outside chance that I really like them (or you) ! When’s a good time?



  2. omg hilarious Craigslist response! Had he already come over to see the couch or did you post your photo on Craigslist or is he just straight up blindly asking you out on a date without knowing a thing about you except what your current couch looks like?

  3. robfiasco says:

    sorry I couldn’t buy the couch… that a no on the single thing?? 😉

    haha. that’s creepy. no one ever asks me things like that when I sell via craigslist. I guess girls aren’t as creepy as dudes??

  4. Wow that craigslist message is creepy!! Wtf is wrong with people?! And your meal at the DAC looks absolutely fabulous. You look so pretty (I’m not seeing this puffy face that you speak of)…and I love that there was a congrats message on the menu :). Good luck with everything!

  5. First, Melissa you look so pretty! I am loving your hair and the outfit and puffy face?! Umm excuse me miss? I don’t see that at all m’dear! Your dinner looks pretty flippen fab too… almonds sprinkled with unicorn dust is always a good thing 😉

  6. terrid614 says:

    awww melissa! best of luck in your upcoming changes!!! you sound so excited and look so pretty. i am drooling over the whole meal.
    and um, cl creepy boy…..wth? yep, there are some winner winner chicken dinners out there fo sho…..
    good luck with everything. i know you will do great! xo

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