Tabata Fun {guest post from Happy Healthy Runner}

Hope everyone’s having a great week! I am loving my new job and co-workers here in D.C.–now I just have to find a place to live! 

Today’s post is from my blogging BFF, Rachael! Her stupid, jerkface knee has her sidelined from running right now, but she’s keeping her chin up and powering through by trying out tons of new workouts in the meantime. Give her some love! 

Helloooooo Melissa’s friends! I’m Rachael and I’m the blogger behind Happy Healthy Runner. It’s a really original blog name I know. So original, in fact, that Melissa and I’s blogs have eerily similar names. clip_image002


In case you don’t already know me, here is a very flattering picture of me looking extremely exhausted with very chapped lips because I’m probably pretty dehydrated and a slightly annoyed smile because it’s the 1 millionth picture I’ve taken and I just want to sit down. But it’s also no big deal because I had just finished running the Houston Marathon. No big deal at all.

Yessss I’m a runner.

Well, I was.

Right up until some jerk injury sidelined me in January directly following the marathon. Since you read Melissa’s blog you know she’s been dealing with injuries too, though I will say that she’s lucky to have not been completely sidelined from running for nearly four months now clip_image002[1]

Being injured means you have to get creative with your workouts. I was pretty much sidelined from everything other than ellipticizing, swimming, recumbent biking, and doing upper body and core work.

Since you read Melissa’s blog you already know that she hates strength training. I, however, used to love it. Right up until I started doing only upper body and abs multiple times a week. Lifting weights gets old fast that way.

I was on the verge of complete burn out and about to dive face first into whatever junk food I could get my hands on when I discovered tabatas.

Holy crap what a fun way to work out!

If you don’t know what a tabata workout is, it is basically doing as many reps as possible of a specified exercise for a set time (say 20-30 seconds), then having a short break (usually 10-15 seconds) before moving into the next exercise. You run through however many exercises you’re doing following that format and then repeat the circuit however many times you want. That explains it perfectly, right?

To time everything it’s helpful to have a tabata app – I downloaded a free one from my phone’s app store and it works perfectly. It lets me know when it’s moving from rest period to active period and so forth. I also keep a notebook with me with the exercises I want to perform written out and I keep track of how many reps I did during each active period.

P.S. I’m no personal trainer, so this workout is something that I created with no real expertise other than years of working out.

This is one of the upper body/ab tabata workouts that I do that requires little equipment, which makes it perfect for working out at home or traveling. All you need is a set of free weights, a tabata timer, and a notebook:

Upper Body/Core Tabata Workout



Bicep Curls

Toe Touch Crunches

Side Raises


Hammer Curls

Right Side Plank

Chest Press

Left Side Plank

Dumbbell Rows from Plank Position

Reverse Crunches

Perform as many reps of each move for 30 seconds and rest for 15 before moving onto the next move.

Repeat the circuit 2-3 times

This really makes the time fly by while you’re working out, which is perfect for someone like me who gets bored easily clip_image006 Hopefully if you give it a try you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks friend for letting me take over your blog!


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