For the Sake of My Sanity

For the sake of my sanity, I’ve carved out time in the craziness of my days to continue running. Yes, there are 50 gazillion other things I should be doing in the hour or so a day I spend running, but I’m much more efficient at completing them when my mind is clear. Nothing reenergizes and refocuses me like running. 

{Full disclosure: I wrote that last night when I was in a much better frame of mind. Today, I ran, and I am still crabby beyond belief. Way too freaking much going on. But I still think running when you’re stressed is important, so we’ll continue with this post, keeping in mind that my attitude today is slightly less enthusiastic (read: super bitch). }

When I was in Seattle 2 weekends ago, I ran around Lake Union. The time change made it easy to get up early–sleeping until 9:30 or so body time, but up at 6:30 local time for a cool, crisp early morning run or 3. 

The path around the lake was so quiet and peaceful, with tons of scenery to boot. Houseboats, marinas, rowers, and plenty of calm water.

Seattle houseboats for sale

DC was slightly trickier, as our hotel was in the middle of an office park, far from sidewalks or even, um, safe areas . . . Still, I hit the pavement with one of my new coworkers for a speedy (for me) and humid 5 miler one morning. The next day, I stayed indoors where the air was a little more palatable. It was far from impressive, but I did it. And another morning, I ventured out on my own, and lo and behold, found a residential area that seemed reasonably unsketchy to knock out a 6. Of course, I later read that nearby there had been a series of sexual assaults and they were urging people not to venture out on their own. Oops. Lesson learned. (Male) running buddy or treadmill time. Got it.

Paradise B

Now that I’m back in Ann Arbor for a few days running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I’m still making running a priority. I tend to do this thing before I move–each time I run, I think, “This is one of the last times I’ll take this path,” or “I might never get the chance to run this route again.” I did it before I moved to Virginia and again last summer before I moved to Michigan. I guess I tend to be a little nostalgic about my running routes. After all, I do spend several hours a week on them. It makes sense that I’d grow attached.

Main street ann arbor

This Sunday, I had a bittersweet 11 miler around Ann Arbor, running down all of my favorite streets: Seventh, Liberty, Main, and State, and even snuck in a little jaunt through the diag on Michigan’s campus just for fun. Did I have 2 hours to spend running? Probably not. But did I need it for the sake of my sanity? You bet.

I guess it’s somewhat comforting that no matter where I land, I always have running. It’s familiar and comfortable, and I can do it anywhere. 

What keeps you sane in the midst of chaos?


6 thoughts on “For the Sake of My Sanity

  1. thehinzadventures says:

    Running is a great stress reducer – glad you soaked up some nice miles in Ann Arbor before you head out to DC. beautifully written post girlie. xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh Melissa, I cannot wait to see your new place in DC! Rooftop deck?! I told you that I grew up in Clarendon, right? Next time I’m at home, we are definitely going for a run together.

    Running is my stress reliever. But right now, my quads are so tired that i can’t ever imagine running again hahaha. I’m just enjoying the pure relaxation for now.

    • Ha–especially if you go on one of those runs where you REALLY get inside your own head. That’s fun.


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