Return of the Craigslist Creeper

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted some items for sale on Craigslist and got this gem back?

Hi Melissa –
I’m a colorblind bachelor – so I reverted to the fashionistas in my circle who advised me against matching solid color furniture. – lol – What do I know ???
I’m going to pass on the couch set. Hope I didn’t interrupt any other sale possibilities.
Not so good with 4-legged models, but know my taste a little better when there are two less legs.

Any chance you are single ? ;)

Trouble couch
So anyway, I replied something like, yes, I’m single, and I think these couches are just fine, but thanks anyway. I mean, what did the guy want? Patterned couches? Gross. But I wasn’t focused on the single part, just trying to make the sale. Anyway, he proceeded to try to get me to go on a date with him, and I ignored the email. Then he followed up a day or two later trying again for a date. 

Are you kidding me???

But of course I googled this person–his name was in his email–to find out what kind of creep actually hits on someone via Craigslist furniture ad. 
Apparently middle-aged entrepreneurial types. 

But for real–who does that???
How you doin 22637
Anyway, when I was in Seattle, someone texted to see if the couches were still for sale. I responded that they were, but I was out of town and would get back to them the following weekend when I returned. 

And then I forgot because my life is totally calm right now, and it’s totally like me to just flake out. 

I got a follow-up text from the interested purchaser on Sunday asking again if the couches were still for sale. I responded that they were. There was some back and forth and the person said they would come to look at them early this week. But it didn’t sound promising. So I offered them to my friend Kristie because I’d rather someone get them than put them on the curb, ya know?

As a courtesy, I texted buyer #2 and let them know that the couches were spoken for. 

He responded with:

Good for you! 🙂 

and then:

Beer before u go? I’m sort of an amazing guy! 🙂

with a picture of himself on a motorcycle. 

I shit you not. And guess who it was? Email guy, that’s who. 


An hour later: 

Lol – really giving that invite for a beer some thought – 🙂 or maybe u missed the text??

Depositphotos 6359299 Rear view of a couple walking on the beach holding hands

No, freakshow, I did not miss your text. I am ignoring it because it’s creepy as hell. Honestly, why do I attract these idiots? I was just trying to sell my furniture!!! 

Please tell me something like this has happened to you. Or not. 

27 thoughts on “Return of the Craigslist Creeper

  1. hhrunner says:

    DANG! talk about persistent! was he at least halfway attractive? maybe he thought the motorcycle would give him bonus points. that’s hilarious.

  2. Omg seriously. This is why you have to treat craigslist like a potential deposition, need-to-know info only! If people turn out to be normal it’s merely a bonus. A cl guy freaked out on me once when I told him I found a cheaper one elsewhere and bought it but thanks anyway- “I $#&*^#*&%$#%^% knew it!! Everyone on craigslist is lying %$#$% trying to scam me!!”
    So, yeah you should listen to me, bc I represent all of craigslist. (I also scam people by trying to buy their stuff)

  3. Ok, so the guy knew that you were the same person selling the couch and he was just trying to get a date through a different means? (text instead of email) Because that is some weird crap.

    Can’t say I’ve had that happen, but once when I was laying out at the pool, a guy came up to me (he was probably in his late 20s?) and said, “I love to eat but I hate to eat alone.” It took me a few seconds to realize he was inviting me to dinner to which I declined. Mainly because I was 13.

  4. That similar thing happened to me except that I had showed him my house that was for rent on Craigslist-so he had seen closets, my bedroom, ect. I was totally creeped out and once I saw he wasn’t interested in the house, I ignored his texting completely.

  5. oh my gosh! What a creep! next time you try and sell something, make sure you have someone with you when they come over. keep watch over you shoulder for some old man lurking on a motorcycle…

  6. Hi Melissa, I’ve recently been ‘tagged’ in a blog and had to pass the ‘tag’ on, so I’ve ‘tagged’ you with a few questions as I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you’re well and I’m looking forward to reading your response, and remember to pass the ‘tag’ on to other bloggers 🙂

  7. ewww. how lame and creepy. Furniture guy is ga-ross! Much creepier than the trio of homeless dudes that were trying to hook up with me last week.

  8. Wow- definitely never had that happen. While sometimes it’s a great thing to be persistent, this isn’t so much one of those times. Seriously- creep someone out and into a date? not so much. haha- good luck getting rid of him!

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