Life Changing

As of late, I’ve adopted the expression “life changing” as my favorite adjective. As in, “This guacamole and margarita is life changing right now,” or “My run around the city this morning was life changing.” Annoying? Probably, but there are some key items that are literally changing my life right now (<–not being dramatic at all). So of course I need to tell you about them. Duh. 

Nexxus promend

Nexxus Pro Mend Split End Repair

This stuff actually binds your split ends back together and makes your hair healthier. I got it at Target for $10. You should, too. Unless you’re into split ends. In that case, go on with your frayed self.

Rooftop view

The View from My Rooftop Deck

Right??? That little hazy tall thing out in the distance? That’s the Washington Monument. It’s only about 2 miles away, but I love that not only can I run to it, I can also see it from my roof any time I want. Pretty pretty.

Evernote logo



Are you using this??? Why not????? I am pretty much obsessed with this app, which links your computer and phone so that you can make lists upon lists upon lists wherever you are! Want to make a grocery list at work? Jot it down on using Evernote on your computer. Then, when you get to the store, whip out your phone, and Evernote will have automatically synced up with the aforementioned list, giving you a handy dandy reference right then and there. Plus, you can make multiple notes–blog notes, shopping lists, work to-dos, errands, or just the name of that wine you don’t want to forget. Oh, and it’s free. Genius. Do it. 


Hr 129 dog harness

SENSE-ible Dog Harness

OK, I know if you’re not a dog owner, this is irrelevant to you, so feel free to skip ahead. For the rest of you, if you have a dog that likes to pull on her leash as much as mine does, you NEED this in your life. It has virtually eliminated Roo’s pulling problem. Now if she would only stop chewing through them. Damn dog. 

Roo harness

Yeah yeah yeah.

New bird


Obviously, I’m not new to Twitter, but I’ve gotten so many new followers recently that I don’t know what to do with myself! Hi new followers! Let’s be #bffls!!! 🙂 But besides that, I just adore how I can keep up with my sweet bloggy friends via twitter even when I don’t have time to write a full comment on their blogs. Oh–and I am reading your blogs, even if I don’t comment, so don’t you fret! 😉 

Polar Seltzer

Bubble Water

Or seltzer or soda or whatever you want to call it. I call it bubble water. Yummy and bubbly and flavored but without the calories and sugar of pop. I could drink this stuff all day long. Oh, wait. I do.

Anything currently changing your life? 


10 thoughts on “Life Changing

  1. I still have yet to try Evernote, I need to get on this. Twitter is my jam, I got it about four years ago before it was popular and still am obsessed with it. Bubbled water and flavored water is really the only way I can drink water. Working on that…

  2. thehinzadventures says:

    Ok i can see us running all over the city, then ending on the roof with Roo and lots of wine watching the fireworks! 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

    p.s. evernote…. NOTES UPON NOTES UPON NOTES??? You have found the key to my heart!

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