Self-Abusing Workout Syndrome

There seems to be a shift going on in the healthy living blogger community right now. I’ve noticed many of my favorite bloggers focusing on taking more rest days and eating more food to fuel their bodies. Not exactly what I’d call revolutionary, but for some of us, it kind of is. Case in point: it nearly killed me to take 6 weeks off of running back in the winter when I was injured. Now that I’m back to running, I realize I didn’t ease into it at all. I hit it hard right out of the gate, going right back to my 25-30 mile/week habit without batting an eyelash. 

Workout too much1

No wonder I’m tired.

Yep, I said it. My body? It’s tired. I’ve been pushing it like a madwoman for God knows how long, and if my injury wasn’t a good enough indication that I need a break, the fact that I am exhausted all.the.time. lately might be another one. I realize that most people don’t run 5-6 miles 5-6 times per week–especially when they’re not training for anything–and that I probably shouldn’t be, either. 

Another indication that something needs to change? I’m sore. Achy. In pain. With normal workouts, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen. Sure, stretching helps, but once you get into a routine, your body adjusts, right? Pain is probably a sign that something’s not right. 

Oh and one other thing–I’m having a sharp pain in my ankle/shin area when I run. For most people, warning bells would be going off. *DING! DING! DING!* Stop running!!! But do I? Nope. I keep pushing and pushing. Basically, I don’t stop until an injury forces me to. 

Antoine Dodson So Dumb for Real

I know. 

So I’m jumping on the dial-it-down bandwagon with an eye towards reforming my abusive ways because let’s face it: I’m totally abusing my body. 

The plan??

Running: 4 days a week MAX 

Baby steps. This freaks me out in a huge way. I’m also not going to run more than 5 miles. But I’m not going to run 5 miles every day. Some days I’ll keep it to 4. I know that probably still sounds like a lot to some of you, but as I said, baby steps.

Strength Training/Yoga: 1-2 days a week

Yep, I still hate strength training, but I’ve kind of been in the mood for it lately. Pretty sure that’s because my body doesn’t feel like running, and we all know that strength training is the opposite of running. And yoga is never a bad idea. Considering how sore I’ve been, there’s no way this is a bad idea. 

My hope is that by resting my body now, I’ll prep it for when I start training for the New York Marathon in July. The hard part is in the execution. 

Anyone else have self-abusing workout syndrome??? 


15 thoughts on “Self-Abusing Workout Syndrome

  1. hhrunner says:

    do I even need to answer this? you KNOW i am. it drives me INSANE to not work out. when you start to go stir crazy just text me. i’ll probably be going stir crazy too.

  2. i can’t believe you’ve been keeping that pace up, even with your move. no wonder your body is worn down!!

    take a break! slow down for a moment and enjoy life!! 🙂

    the last thing you want is another injury. especially with the marathon coming up.

    i had to take it easy the last couple months because I injured my calf. yet I kept working out through the pain for a while hoping it’d get better. it wasn’t until I cut my workouts way back that it started to heal.

    have a great weekend Meliss! 🙂

  3. I’m sore all the time from my workouts but that’s not from running. That’s all the strength training, so being sore 5 days a week is totally normal for me. If you’re sore after the running, yeah, it’s a good idea to dial it back. You don’t need another injury and you want to enjoy your training this time around. NY here you come!

  4. You’re taking the right approach. Always better to dial it down and then crank it back up then to keep going 100mph all the time. I’m still recovering from a stress fracture from my marathon in March. Just hit six weeks this week and I’m going to start running again next week. Talk about being antsy!

  5. Phewww no wonder you are worn down and feeling fatigue Melissa! You are certainly making the right approach though and acknowledging exactly what needs to occur in order to start feeling energized again. Great work pretty lady 🙂

  6. Oh you know I’ve had it girl! I’m happy that you recognized that your body is in need of a break. I’m sure that once you get going with this new plan of yours, you will start feeling so much better! I know I have. Perhaps so many of us are getting this “syndrome” because we keep seeing all of these other people doing awesome workout stuff and we try to push ourselves even harder…craziness haha

  7. After my injury where I didn’t run for a whole SIX MONTHS I had to reteach myself how to balance out my workouts. I now feel so strong when I run. I am starting to incorporate more strength training (i hope to start a new plan come next week) and more yoga. I just got 10 yoga classes in DC off groupon. the way to go for sure!

  8. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Did you try Pure Barre in A2? I’m sure they have it or similar in DC. Full body and it will do wonders for your running.

  9. Hooray for rest days!!!

    I usually take off at least THREE days per week…and I only averaged 32 miles per week leading up to my 3:26 marathon. I am living proof that you don’t need to kill yourself in order to achieve your goals!

    I of course learned this the hard way after being off for 5 months when I had a fracture in my hip in 2010….

    • Yeah, I ran today for the first time since Thursday–4 miles. I think I may have a little bursitis going on in my hip. 😦


  10. liverunlaughyoga says:

    I feel ya chicka! Sorry I am a first time commenter. I saw that your link was mentioned on PBFingers and I happened to come across your blog :). I used to be a total self abusuer of workouts. If I didn’t workout 1 day ID FREAK OUT! I am currently training for a half marathon and a 10k so I run 3-4 days a week, do 1 day of yoga and 1-2 days of cross training. 🙂

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