Highlights? OK, let’s go.

I’m Running Again

Yep! After 3 weeks of taking it pretty easy and focusing more on strength workouts, I’ve been hitting the pavement pretty hard. But not too hard so as to avoid injury. Lessons learned so far: foam rolling is your friend, you have to drink water like WHOA to keep up with this DC heat, and early morning runs are the name of the game. Although I did have a midday 4 miler yesterday in a “real feel” of 103, and it.was.fantastic. So I basically know nothing. 


I Met Some DC Bloggers! 

Adorable, sweet Alex organized a blogger/reader meet up at Eastern Market on Saturday. I took zero photos at the actual meet up, but I did photo (yes, that is a verb) the amazeballs caprese salad I made with my loot! Tomatoes from the farmer’s market > tomatoes from anywhere else.

Eastern market caprese

I had an AMAZING Time at my Company Meeting

I seriously work for the best company with the smartest, coolest, most incredible people. Reinforcing once again that my move to DC was a most excellent decision. Oh, and they throw a great party. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


My Poor Dog is Traumatized by Me

Every time I have to leave town, Roo ends up sick, and I feel like the worst puppy mother on the planet. This weekend, she laid pretty low all day on Saturday, so I could tell she wasn’t feeling 100%. Sunday morning, she had pooped in the crate, so I knew her stomach was upset. I took her outside, then came back in to clean up the mess while she got a drink. She then proceeded to puke all over the place–her own poop, that she had apparently eaten when she went in her crate. You.are.welcome. So that’s how we started our Sunday. And you know something? Poor kid–I couldn’t even be upset, I just felt awful. And that’s what’s happening with that. 

Sleeping Roo bear


At the blogger meet up on Saturday, Alex brought us all samples of Cheribundi tart cherry juice to try. They’re supposed to be a great recovery drink after exercise, and the cherry juice helps you sleep! I drank one before bed last night, and I slept like a baby which, um, never happens. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of actual cherries–the pits just don’t do it for me–so this is a perfect solution since there are 50 cherries in every bottle. I will definitely be purchasing some of this!


So there’s a tiny glimpse at the randomness that’s been happening with me. Fascinating, I know. 

Whatcha got?


14 thoughts on “Highlights?

  1. Look at you getting all creative with your caprese salad. Looks yum! What’s the stats on that cherry thing? I think cherries help me poop. And I’m really curious to find out what 50 of them would do to me.

  2. Can we meet up for a run soon… or what about a dog walk! I miss my dog and your poor puppy needs some loving. The poor thing. Isn’t that cherry stuff good? I am all about the taste. You really dominated on that caprese. Yummy! I honestly loved meeting you and really want to make sure we stay in touch!

    • I totally agree!!! YES to all of it 🙂 If you’d ever be up for watching her (you can stay at my place!) when I have to go out of town for work, just let me know!


  3. Still living the happy/fun live, I see! As it should be.
    3rd photo down… can you please tell me what is that weapon you’re holding? Looks like part of a banister railing. Exactly what kinda party was this???

  4. I’m so glad that the move to DC has been such a positive experience for you!!

    I saw your pic on twitter and commented and just have to comment again. YUMMMM!! Your caprese salad looks delish!

    Poor Roo. My mom used to give our dog tea with a little honey. She sometimes used to put a dab of honey on the dogs nose to make her lick it and it seemed to help when she had an upset stomach. Not kidding. I’m sure Roo will get used to the routine. Can’t blame her for missing ya, my friend. She’s in fabulous company when you’re around! 🙂

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