Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

I don’t know if you’re aware or not–because really, why would you be?–but my hair in the summertime is a hot mess. 


A few weeks ago when I was Skype-ing with Corey, she told me I had to get a Brazilian Keratin treatment to tame this mop. Living with the hot weather in Trinidad, she claimed that the treatment had completely transformed her hair. Since DC hasn’t exactly been kind with the humidity this summer, I figured it was worth the investment to see if it would help. 

I mean, really, can you blame me??


So I investigated and found Sophia La Belle in DC. Here’s the low down:

This revolutionary hair-straightening process in Washington DC replenishes and conditions your hair without harsh chemicals, giving you smooth, shiny, manageable locks, while protecting your hair from heat and water damage. Using keratin—a completely natural liquid form of hair—this process penetrates and replenishes hair from the inside and provides a protective coating on the outside. 

Instead of having this ridiculousness going on, I would have straight, shiny hair without having to blow it dry or flat iron it?

The entire process took about 2 1/2 hours and consisted of the stylist shampooing and conditioning my hair with whatever special stuff they use, blowing it dry, then coating it with the keratin treatment and flat ironing the whole thing. Even though it took a while, it didn’t feel terribly long. In fact, I kind of liked having someone take care of me for that long! 

IMG 20120708 121249

The finished product? Smooth, shiny, I-can-be-seen-in-public hair!


The only catch was that I couldn’t wash it or get it sweaty for 2 days–so no workouts. Also, no pony tails, barrettes, or putting it behind my ears. Now that was challenging. By day 2, I felt like a total grease ball, but all in the name of beauty, right? 

Last night, I finally washed it, then went to bed with it wet. This morning?

2012 07 11 08 26 49 380

Yeah. That happened. I didn’t even have to do anything with it! Life changing.

The treatment itself should last 4-6 months, but of course, my hair will grow during that time, and the new growth won’t come in all shiny and lovely. Still, I think it was definitely worth it. It wasn’t cheap, but for the transformation, I’d say it was a good investment. I’ll keep you posted since technically, I’m only 3 days in, but so far? I love it! Thanks, for the recc, Corey!  

In other news, this little lady turned 8 months old yesterday! 

IMG 20120710 184427

We celebrated with a trip to the dog park, kibble mixed with scrambled eggs (birthday girl request), and a long snuggle on the couch. 

IMG 20120709 201515

There was also some celebratory vino. Roo insisted. 😉

IMG 20120710 184754

Keratin treatment–have you had one before?
Doggy birthday celebrations–yay or nay?

18 thoughts on “Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

  1. beautiful locks my dear! i love it! i have curly/wavy/frizzy crazy hair too, so i can relate! i’ve never had a brazilian keratin hair treatment done before, but it’s definitely something i’ll look into. happy birthday to the cutest little vizsla ever!

  2. I’m happy to hear a Brazillian treatment on your head did not leave you bald. So, basically, that stuff is just a straightener? Do people with already straight hair get that done? And I don’t think I knew you flat ironed your hair everyday. WHY are you keeping secrets from me?!

    • Either flat ironed or curled or blew dry to within an inch of its life. Oh, and apparently I don’t have to brush it any more.

      I still expect you to curl it with a flat iron when you’re here. Get ready.


  3. Jessica says:

    oooh pretty hair!! ever since i highlighted, then dyed, and then redyed my hair, it just hasn’t been so soft and i’ve been debating the keratin treatment…is it for ppl with straight hair too?

    • If your hair is fried, I think it’s for you, too! The stylist says he has a client who bleaches her hair monthly and she comes to him almost as often to keep it healthier.


  4. kaetlyn says:

    i totally get this…my friends would think i was nuts if i had to turn down dinner invites so i could spend time with the dogs, i’d skip workouts if work kept me gone longer than usual, my schedule revolved around the times my dog needed to be walked or just relieve himself or eat or get medicines. non dog people would not get it, but any dog owner understands! i remember when i got my dog, i would cry when i left for work. i had to sadly put him down tuesday and i would gladly continue revolving my life around his if only to get him back.

  5. Jill says:

    Pretty amazing and I thought that my InStyler was magical. I know that you do not like lifting weights, but check out those banging arms of yours!!

  6. thehinzadventures says:

    UM…you are SO welcome! I told you! Can you believe you can go to bed with WET hair and wake up looking like that???? GORGEOUS! It still amazes me – wowsers. You forgot to mention HOW SOFT it is….life changing! 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

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