In the last week, I have had a number of negative comments on my blog. To all of you who feel it’s ok to be negative or critical, here’s a newsflash: I am a real person with real feelings. When you leave a negative or critical comment, it hurts my feelings. In fact, it makes me fee awful.

I write this blog because I like making friends–nice people who have similar interests and want to interact in a positive way. If you don’t like my blog or me, that’s totally fine. Just click the little ‘X’ in the upper corner of your screen, and you never have to see me again.

For those of you who are real friends, thank you for your support and for standing by me and saying nice things when others do not. I don’t have room in my life for all of this negativity, but I do have room for you, friends! So thanks for being nice to me. I am forever grateful for your sweet, kind words.

I start marathon training tomorrow. I’m really excited and really nervous, and IΒ really want to share my experience with you all. That said, given the number of rude and/or critical comments I’ve gotten recently, I’m pretty hesitant to continue blogging right now. So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, that’s why. I know I should probably have a thicker skin, but I don’t. When someone tells you you’re smelly and gross and have stink all over your body–even if they are hiding behind the internet–it doesn’t exactly make you want to continue sharing. Hope those of you who are nice, sweet readers–who’ve stuck with me through so many other tough times–will understand.

If you have a blog, how do you deal with haters?

I just can’t understand why you would be blatantly mean to someone when it’s completely unprovoked.


21 thoughts on “Newsflash

  1. Ugh. People can sit anonymously behind a computer and be critical because they don’t have to take any accountability for it. Cowards. Don’t let them get to you! Just moderate and/or delete, and move on. I like your blog. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. 😦 Don’t let some jackass sitting behind a screen take away from your blogging experience. You’re beautiful, smart and funny. My parents used to make me keep my shoes in the garage when I was a teenager because my feet smelled so bad. πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with marathon training! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. That sucks… Comments sections in news articles are always filled with the most idiotic, hateful, ignorant trolls. On the plus side, at least you know people are reading your stuff ( i know, not very satisfying). Just take the high road

  4. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    Melissa, I’m sorry you are feeling hurt by those comments. Even though they are said by total strangers, it’s hard not to care, isn’t it?
    Just try to remember that bullies act from a place of weakness, insecurity, jealousy and hurt. They see in you everything they wish they were….so keep on being you. Haters gonna hate, but your friends And true readers will continue to build you up. Dont let them take this away from you!!!

  5. Penelope says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m sorry to hear about all these negative comments, as I have been loving reading about your running and your dog! I tore my ACL a few months ago during some marathon training myself (Tore it playing ultimate frisbee… but, I was also training for a marathon haha), and I’m currently waiting for surgery, so I would love to hear about your marathon training and hope you continue to blog! Don’t let those negative people stop you.

  6. I hope you don’t stop writing. I can’t have a puppy and am not able to run right now so it is nice reading about your puppy and running experiences

  7. That’s terrible! They must feel pretty crappy about THEMSELVES to lash out at you! I hope you can ignore their comments.
    Good luck with the start of your training – it’s going to be an adventure πŸ˜‰

  8. Kira says:

    I cannot believe people! Didn’t their parents teach them that if they don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Love you Melissa and I would miss you in blog land!!

  9. Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you put yourself out there darlin’. I don’t always agree with everything a blogger posts and when I want to convey those thoughts, I try to phrase it so I don’t sound like a total bitch (even though we know I am, but they don’t need to know that, right?)
    If you can believe it, I have never gotten a negative comment in almost 2 years of blogging. Maybe what I write isn’t worthy of drumming up emotion so be glad you have content that makes people want to talk!
    Muah! xxxooo
    Oh, and keep blogging. You’re all I got to entertain me during the day.

  10. It makes me mad that people feel like they can just say nasty things because they are hiding behind a computer. So terrible. My first blog post got a nasty nasty comment but I had to realize that some people are just gonna hate! I hope you continue writing because I have loved your more constant updates.

  11. Oh Melissa, I am sorry you have been receiving some negative and rude comments on your blog, that is just crappy 😦 But to reiterate what people are saying here, people can be all high and mighty when sitting behind a computer and remaining anonymous, but it does not actually mean much. I have received negative comments and I just deal with it by acknowledging them and then moving on, especially if they are not legitimate. Keep your head up lady!

  12. I appreciate your blog, and being fairly new to the blogophere your blog has already challenged my ideas about what topics I would write about…frankly you are braver than I am! I do not take criticism well, even though everyone says they do…it tends to eat at me for days. But I admire your bravery to blog about real life, which is embarrassing and most days far from glamorous…that’s why you have a following.

    • Thank you SO much for saying that. I do try to talk about real things–life is not always shiny and wonderful, right? I am far from perfect, and I like being able to share my struggles and hear that other people have the same ones, too! 


  13. I think you’re very relatable and love your blog. I’m sorry that people even feel the need to be nasty on the internet. It makes it much less fun for the rest of us. Remember who you are and I’m SO excited to hear all about your training:)

  14. Ah I just saw this! I’m a little behind on the blog reading, but this made me so, so sad. I love your posts! Honestly they’re usually the first ones I read. Who could ever have anything mean to say to you? I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly, I feel like you’re so easy to relate to, what could anyone have to say? I’m so sorry. That makes me sad for you. Was it the shoe post? I tried to comment on that one, but I’m guessing you took it down. I was going to say that the best solution I found was an antibacterial spray they sell at drug stores that I use every night, and it works like a charm. Any person who says their feet and shoes don’t stink when they go sock-less in the summer is outside of their mind. They’re either lying or they can’t smell themselves. Ugh. So rude. Anyway, sorry this is the longest comment ever, but haters gonna hate, but please keep posting. I’d miss it if you left!

  15. Just catching up on your posts, and I’m shocked to hear people are hatin’. WTF? People on the Interwebz are never happy. I’m glad to see you’ve decided to keep on posting though because you’re one of my blog homies and someone I like to follow. And by follow, I mean stalk. I’m looking forward to hearing about your marathon training!,

  16. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been dealing with haters. I haven’t had to deal w/ that (yet) and I’m not sure how I will handle it when the time comes. Anyone who feels they have to leave a negative comment obviously has bigger issues and it makes them feel better to put others down. Try not to let it get to you (easier said than done, I know). There are far more of us who love you for YOU and enjoy reading your blog! Keep your chin up girl!! XO

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