In a Funk

I am in a funk of sorts today. Whatever I do, I just can’t seem to shake it. I’m trying to be positive, to look for good things, to appreciate what I have–all the things you’re supposed to do to get rid of a bad mood. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working right now . . . 

The last few weeks have been a little rough for some reasons I’ve kept off the blog, and for others that are a direct result of the blog. I think a lot of it has to do with adjusting to my new job and city and life. Even though it’s great, it’s also a lot to deal with. Change, even good change, is hard. I have to remind myself that it takes a while to settle in and that I’ll get there eventually.

But I found this, and I’m trying to take deep breaths, and at least, for today, give up complaining.


What do you do to shake off a funk? 


22 thoughts on “In a Funk

  1. oh man, i think you know I can relate more than ever. i feel this funk for me is lasting way too long and i know i am trying to actively change it but boy it just won’t shake. you know where i am if you need anything!

  2. oh girl, i definitely have those days! something to hopefully make you smile… whenever i tell cody i’m in a funk, he goes to pandora and turns on “funk radio” (didn’t even know it existed until he found it). the music is hilarious – it always makes me laugh. hang in there! love you!

  3. Sometimes it’s best to just ride the funk out – it sounds weird, but every once in a while, I could use a good “funk”. I allow myself to lay on the couch more, watch crappy TV and whine to my husband. 95% of time time, I am the happy, upbeat, sunny-side-up person. I think funks are my brains way of saying “Hey, it’s ok to feel icky once in a while.” You’ll get out of this – you know you will!!

    • Marcee says:

      A good approach Megan …. I like it. Maybe this will work for you Melissa.

      The other day I felt icky and overburdened. Who knows why. Hint: job, struggles, bills …. + life in general. Funks happen to all of us.

      So, getting on with the day …… after a nice comforting shower, decided to bake cinnamon rolls and give to a few neighbors. In a short period of time, I felt better.

      The remaining afternoon I was able to work from home.

      For dinnertime I threw together a huge garbage salad w/avacado dressing. We definitely enjoyed that with a few cinnamon rolls for dessert!

      Hope you feel better soon Melissa.

  4. thehinzadventures says:

    Hmm….i was in a funk the other day…not working out does that for me.. I like to get cozy in PJ’s, either red wine or tea, pick 2 movies and or magazines…shut off the phone, computer, etc…and just relax. You be surprised how staying away from all electronics can help your mind relax and in turn pull itself out of the funk. 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. it’s probably a normal stage of moving, like you said…honestly, i’ve been pretty impressed with how relentlessly upbeat you’ve been about your big move; i think i would have been freaking out at a number of turns! but once the dust settles and the novelty gives way to a bit of consistency, you’re not quite as distracted by the newness anymore…and then the discomfort of the unfamiliar can set in. i’m sure it’s just a totally normal phase of moving, you really haven’t been there that long in the grand scheme of things! 🙂

    love this print that just came out, wish i could post it in the comment instead 🙂

  6. Alison says:

    When I’m feeling funky I like to get lost in a good book (but nothing heavy or depressing!). I suggest Bossy Pants if you haven’t already read it! I also like to watch a little trash tv… Getting caught up in someone else’s ridiculous life helps me get my mind off of my own life for a while!

  7. terrid614 says:

    oh sweet girl. i wanted to post on your blog yesterday about people being mean, but of course work computer blocks comments. yikes. so here i am today with internet hugs to you. yes, we all have days like this. i am listening to a positive affirmation cd at work right now (i will send you the name!) and it is super uplifting to me. i listen for a bit and then switch it up and then go back to it. however, as most of your ‘friends’ here have suggested….just allow yourself to de-funk. a day/night on the couch, a glass of wine, good magazines, candles, a bubble bath and lots o roo kissies!!
    you have been thru a major change (s) in your life with all due respect, i think you are doing soooo well! keep that little smile, smiling!
    and p.s. i am not quite sure why people have to be mean and post mean comments. i do not get it. i call them jealous haters miserable in their own llives, so they try to make everyone in their path miserable toooooo! xo

  8. Aww Melissa, this is just not a fun feeling and I am sorry you are experiencing it! I have certainly been in a funk before, many times over, and wallowing in it makes me feel worse most of the time… although I will admit feeling bad for myself and acknowledging the funk does actually feel GREAT at times!
    When I feel like this, I try and figure out what the issue is, or where it’s stemming from, usually having to do with my weight, food, social life, the same oleee BS and then go from there. Going out with a friend somewhere- coffee, for a walk for example, always makes me feel better, even when I think that it won’t! Or reading a novel I know i am going to love, or even one I have read before, usually distracts and helps me out

  9. Susie says:

    for myself, i have found that the best way for me to shake off a funk is to go for a long walk in a new, exciting place (exciting in the sense that everything is new, not necessarily a visual carnival lol) and either just take the time for myself or call my mom or my fiancé. i tend to hold things in, which feeds the funk more, and physical and verbal catharsis helps me so much. at least you have recognized that you are in a bit of a blegh place, and so now do 1) something that pulls you out of yourself (a new experience) and 2) something that roots you in yourself (something comforting).
    i’ve had a long history with “funks,” and had several moments for them in the past 2 years (big life changes, ya know), and they can be really frustrating. Good luck hon.

  10. I’ve been meaning to tell you (and this is probably perfect timing), that 2nd pic from the left in your blog header is epic-awesomeness. You’re like, “Hell yeah! I’m a badass! Look at me! I’m doooin’ it!”. Looove that pic of you.

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