Checking In

Oh HIIIIIIIII friends!!! 

I’ve missed you! 

And I know I always feel it’s unnecessary when bloggers apologize, but I do need to apologize to you, sweet readers, for dropping off the face of the earth. Thank you so much to all of you who’ve sent me such sweet tweets, emails, and messages over the last few weeks to check in. 

Yes, I am OK! (and thank you for asking)

But, I’m afraid, I’ve overextended myself. 

First went the blog reading.

Then, returning emails.

Next–the actual blogging. 

And now, I’m afraid, the majority of my social life.

Between multiple jobs, marathon training, and spending QT with the pup, something had to give. Actually some things. And this time, it had to be blogging. Which makes me infinitely sad because I adore blogging, and I adore you. But I adore my sanity more than anything–which, truth be told, is hanging on my a thread–so I hope you’ll understand this tiny break. 

Not to worry–in just under a month, I get my life back, and you better believe I’ll be back to blogging your faces off!!! 

Until then, I’d love it if you’d keep up with me on Twitter and DailyMile.

And here’s a gratuitous puppy picture just in case my own plea isn’t quite enough. 

RooverineYou can’t say no to that face, right? 

Talk to you all very soon! XOXO


2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. glad to hear you’re still alive! my 2nd job that i picked up for the summer just ended yesterday and i’m ready to see what a weekend feels like again!

    hope all is well!

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