Three Things Thursday

1. Dog Shaming

Have you heard of the trend of dog shaming on Facebook and twitter and blogs and all the other places people are being social online? There’s a whole site dedicated to Dog Shaming. I’m not going to lie. At first, I thought it was kind of mean. Poor little puppies!  

Tumblr mbuxdwETbY1re4ne0o1 500

But then, I came home Tuesday night to a destroyed apartment. Roo had herself a little party that included:

  • Eating our blanket basket
  • Tearing apart the bathroom trash and distributing it around the bedroom
  • Jumping up on the kitchen counter and eating 6 oatmeal cookies, one banana, and a tupperware lid
  • Chewing through a lamp cord
  • Taking a mouthful of wine corks (I keep them in a glass bowl on the coffee table) and chewing them to bits
  • Scratching a large spot in the drywall
  • Peeing and pooping all over the new carpet in the bedroom
  • Tearing a hole in the duvet cover

I did not photograph the mess because, well, I don’t like messes, and my first thought was to clean it up, not to shame my dog. So while I cleaned, she went into her crate to think about what she did. 

Sleeping vizsla

Yes, I actually told my 11 month old puppy to “think about what she did.” You can tell she took it very seriously. 


2. Tapering

In other news, I am officially tapering. I haven’t gotten the taper crazies I’ve heard about yet. Instead, I’m enjoying the extra hour or so of sleep in the mornings and just letting myself rest. I’m also focused on hydration (lots of water, no alcohol) and nutrition (veggies/carbs/protein, low/no sugar). I’ve gotta say, it wasn’t fun the first few days of really bucking down on operation hydration/nutrition, but now that I’m over the hump, I feel pretty fantastic. Not that I ate so horribly before or drank so much, but you know. 

Hydration nutrition

Another thing I’m noticing about tapering? I’m crazy emotional. But just about running. Every time I read a running quote or story, I’m a wreck. I read Megan’s recap of her first 26.2 in Chicago and was seriously struggling to keep it together in the middle of my office. I’m choking up about basically anything running-related. But I’m not nervous about the race, just really excited and READY. Please tell me this emotional feeling is normal??? 

3. Random Inspiration

Also loving this from I ❤ to Run:

<3 to run


And this from my mom’s trainer, who posted it to my FB wall. 

Never underestimate 26 2

Basically awesome, no? 

Oh, and especially this: 

To be a runner

Being a superhero version of ourselves? LOVE IT.


21 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. hhrunner says:

    Oooohhh I love the thought of being a superhero! We should have capes! I never really got the taper crazies before Houston, but I was definitely an emotional wreck. And now to this day I still get a little misty-eyed when I read marathon race recaps or hear about people hitting awesome goals. So good luck with that 🙂

  2. Megan @ Fiterature says:

    Oh honey, if you think you are emotional now, just wait…..I choked back tears for 26.2 miles!!!
    And I LOVE Dugard’s quote. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes, yes, yes on the emotional pre-race rollercoaster! I too was blinking it back before the marathon if the word running was even mentioned!

    I love that Dugard quote, so much so that I need to print it off and hang it on my fridge. LOVE!

    Have I mentioned how EXCITED I AM FOR YOU!!!! AGHHHH! Because I am. You are going to own the marathon 🙂 You just wait!

  4. Desiree@ichoosehealthyandfit says:

    I’ve never done a full marathon (at least not yet) but I still get all emotion when I race. Running just gives me something that I can’t explain & racing makes me happy, like I accomplished something.

    I love all the quotes & btw, I am all for dog shaming after mine peed on my bed while I was on a trip! (Gross)

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