Funness. Yes, that’s a word. #duh

Sorry to drop another random post so soon, but I haven’t talked much about what I’ve been up to lately (aside from running), so I figured it was about time I filled you in. I know you’re all just dying to know . . . 

Last night I face-planted into this pile of fried goodness at Tackle Box in Georgetown. That would be clam strips and hush puppies. Yes, I ate the whole thing. And yes, it was worth it. Until I woke up with a raging stomach ache at 2 AM. Note to self: know your fried food tolerance. I went with a bunch of girls I know randomly–kind of a friend of a friend situation–and it was a ton of fun.

Tackle box

Last weekend, I dragged my friend, Logan with me to Kangaroo Boxing Club in Columbia Heights to watch the Michigan/Michigan State game. He’s not a huge football fan, so I appreciated that he spared me from having to go to the bar alone. At least I didn’t have to be the weird girl sitting on the high chairs all by myself. That’s using your resources, folks–no seats? No babies? Seats for me.

Also–I think I may be in love with this bar. It’s small and homey feeling and filled with Michigan fans. The food is good, the people are friendly, and even after Logan left me there alone in the 3rd quarter, I didn’t feel weird being by myself. #winning


So I found a buttercup squash at Wegman’s last week and had to buy it because I am having a squash obsession. I baked it with brown sugar, butter, and thyme before stuffing it with spinach and mushrooms and topping it with cheese. It was kind of spectacular. I’d never tried buttercup squash before, but it’s really good! Drier and richer than most other squashes I’ve tried. But it may have been drier because I baked it too long? Either way, it was still pretty darn tasty.Buttercup squash

During the marathon, they don’t hand out any fuel besides water and gatorade until mile 18. For the $255 entry fee, I would think I’d be getting Gu’s every 10 feet, but whatever. So I need something to carry my fuel in. I’m not a huge fan of belts, so I was really excited to find this arm band from iFitness. It has a strap for one Gu, pockets for your cell, ID, iPod, keys, etc. I ran with it during my last 12 miler, and it didn’t feel heavy or slip at all. Plus, I had it within 48 hours of ordering it. If you’re in the market for something like this, I highly recommend checking them out. Also, if you hunt around online, I’m pretty sure you can find yourself a coupon code for free shipping. 😉


For Breast Cancer Awareness day today at work, we had a cake decorating tutorial–so fun, right? I almost never take a break during the day (not good, I know), and I loved the mid-day entertainment. I’m doing no heavy sweets and no booze in the 2 weeks leading up to the marathon, so the boys I work with got to enjoy the fruits of my labor. OK, labor is exaggerating–it took about 30 seconds to pipe the icing on top and shake a few sprinkles and chocolate shavings on. But still. I MADE A CUPCAKE AND DIDN’T EAT IT. I know. I’m still kind of shocked about it myself.

Breast cancer cupcake

What fun things have you been into lately? 

Also–stay tuned! Tomorrow I’m having my first ever giveaway! PARTY.


21 thoughts on “Funness

    • You should apply, Alex! It is a lot of fun here :)

      You are always welcome to join me for any randomness I happen to be doing, miss! I will let you know when I’m doing things!


  1. hhrunner says:

    I’m with Alex, you guys do seem like you do a lot of fun things! I wish I could come cheer you on at your marathon, I’m so freaking excited for you I can’t stand it!

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel says:

    I’ve been creeping on your blog for awhile but I don’t think I’ve commented before. At least, not since I became a blogger myself! I’m glad to see you are back to posting again. Pretty picture of you at that bar! 🙂
    That squash dish sounds/looks incredible. Not sure why I haven’t had any squash yet this fall…

    • Hi Angela! Thanks for commenting :)

      I am so addicted to squash right now, so be prepared! Butternut, acorn, I can’t get enough!


  3. do you have the recipe for that deliciousness of a squash? i am starving right now and it looks fabulous! fun things lately~the girls and i had a pumpkin carving night, made halloween cards and watched hocus pocus last night. lol. cuz we are cool like that!!! happy fall!! xo

    • OMG I love Hocus Pocus!!! I’m pumpkin carving tonight, but I want to make Halloween cards, too!!!

      So, here’s what I did with the squash (I imagine it would be good with acorn squash, too). Bake the squash at 425 with a pat of butter and a tsp. brown sugar, plus salt and pepper and a sprinkle of thyme–about 30 minutes. While it cooks, chop a small onion and add it to a pan with EVOO and S&P over medium heat until it’s softened–about 5 minutes. Then add in mushrooms–I probably used about 3/4 cup?and some garlic and brown. Season with S&P, then add in some defrosted, frozen spinach (maybe 1/2 cup?) and 1/4 cup ricotta and mix everything together. Take the squash out, mound the filling inside (this only filled 1/2 of my squash) and top with italian cheese. Then pop it back in the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly–about 8 minutes. Hope you love it! 🙂


  4. Those are fun things! I loved fried foods but too much I get a nasty stomach ache. Why does yummy tasting food have to be a bit hurtful too:( sad.
    Fun from my day- it’s 80 degrees (and sunny!!!), I got lots of paperwork at work done, I have a fancy cupcake waiting at home for dessert, and maybe a little massage coming up. yay!

  5. Wait – seriously — no fuel until Mile 18??? What do they do with the money??? (I guess pay the city for shutting it down?). That’s crazy.

    Those fried clams look amazing, but also make my stomach hurt. I would still choose to eat them though.

  6. Alison says:

    I have to say that I am a little distraught that you won’t be consuming heavy sweets or booze for the majority of our time in New York together… How will we occupy our time??

  7. great trick for carrying gus…. safety pin to the outside of your shorts and then tuck the gel in. when you need it you can just tear off the packet and not even litter! how awesome is that?????

  8. classycareergirl says:

    I love your new arm band..would definitely check it out and probably buy one! This week is so awesome! Yesterday, I got to speak to students at UC Merced and shared all my networking tips and experiences with them. Another plus is that my mom was with me to be my personal photographer and we got to stay at the cutest bed and breakfast. Girl’s day! 🙂

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