Apparently, we’re having some weather here on the East coast. 

Roo and I are hunkered down, and she’s keeping tabs on the storm. So we can all rest easy.


So far, it’s rained a lot, and the wind is intense. When I took the little lady out this afternoon to do her business, Sandy promptly showed me who’s boss and turned my umbrella inside out. Point taken. 

In preparation for the storm, I decided to make soup yesterday. I ventured out to Eastern Market, which, for those of you who don’t know, is a farmer’s market on a very grand scale in Capitol Hill. In addition to fresh produce, they have an indoor market with fresh meats and pastas and other foodie goodness. I figured I’d pick up a farm-fresh chicken and turn it into soup. And so I did. 

I got the chicken home, only to realize I didn’t actually have any idea what to do with a whole chicken. 

Raw chickenI’m also somewhat squeamish about handling a whole, raw chicken. 

It was an eye-opening day, my friends. 

Anyway, I made a quick call to my papa who schooled me in all things chicken soup, and a few hours later, I had soup!

Chicken soup

The fresh chicken made this soup incredibly flavorful! And while I expected a cage free organic chicken to be pricey, the whole bird was only $7. Score. 

I didn’t really follow a recipe, just boiled the chicken, then took it out of the pot and added lots of celery, carrots, and onions, then shredded the chicken and added it back in. I also threw in some broken whole wheat spaghetti because, well, penne seemed wrong, and that’s all I had. Culinary success! 

Today and tomorrow, I’m working from home because all of DC is shut down. Right now, we’re hoping/praying/crossing our fingers and toes for several things:

  1. No loss of power
  2. No changes in the marathon schedule–so far so good
  3. No flooding
  4. SAFETY! 

That last one is a biggie–be smart, friends! If you’re in the path of the storm, listen to the experts, and stay inside. Not to preach, but our government is shut down. If that’s not a good enough reason, I don’t know what is. 

God/Sandy willing, I’ll be back tomorrow with some marathon talk. You know, because I’m running one in 5 DAYS!!!!


6 thoughts on “S-S-S-Sandy

  1. Be safe! I’m sure you will be under Roo’s supervision:) Raw meat bothers me, but raw meat in the form of the animal is almost too much for me. The soup looks great though!

  2. quitthat says:

    That looks delicious. 🙂
    You could also try roasting the chicken (always a lovely dinner) and then throwing the bones into a pot of water with your veg and leaving it to simmer away for a few hours to make stock. Two dinners, one chicken! 😀

    Stay safe!

  3. Glad you are riding out the storm safely. I know Roo will keep you safe and warm, right? I don’t know how you dealt with that whole chicken, just looking at it gives me the willies.

    I’m so excited to hear about your marathon. I hope all goes according to plan!

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