Marathon Week

 It’s Marathon Week. 

I want to be really excited, but it feels almost selfish in light of the devastation in NYC. Everything I’ve read says the race will go on as scheduled, and I hope they’re right. First and foremost is the safety of everyone in the city, of course, but the part of me that’s been living and breathing the NYC marathon like it’s my job? That part wants to run.

Right now? I’m anxious. It’s a good thing I’m working from home and not in the office because the anxiety is emanating from me like a cloud of crazy. But I’ve been anticipating this race for almost a year, training for it for the last four months, and the idea that it might not happen has me wound pretty tight. 


What I really need right now? 

Run this day off

Yep–a run will make me feel better. Hopefully I can jockey a spot on the lone treadmill in my building’s gym. Running outside is still a no-go today. 

I’m also focusing on all the great support I’ve had. The people in my life are truly amazing–especially from afar. 

Marathon support

From the care package from my parents to the amazing Lululemon running skirt from Corey to the sweet card from my friend Steph, who’s run at least 5 marathons–I am definitely feeling the love! 

I’ve also begun working on my marathon playlist which features the musical stylings of both Eminem and Wilson Phillips. After all, who wouldn’t want “Hold On” blaring in their ears at mile 23??

What’s your favorite workout/running song???


18 thoughts on “Marathon Week

  1. Mel, when you get to those last few miles I’ve found it doesn’t matter what song I’ve got playing- the noise of the crowd is what made me push through to finish London this year, it was incredible (I was pretty teary!). But songs to get you there hmm….I always use a bit from the Jay-Z/Linkin Park collaboration- points of authority/99 problems/one step closer…..but I like to say I’ve got 99 problems and a marathon isn’t one 😛

    Get excited, you’ve put your heart and soul into this. Best of luck! xxx

  2. Great post. I’m with you. Strange days have found us preparing for NYCM. I have a playlist posting to my blog in a day or two with some strange running songs. Grease Lightenin, for example.

  3. It’s so weird that one year ago I was in your shoes and I’m now I’m just lazy (well, and pregnant, but really just lazy). LOL. I know I would definitely be freaking out about the marathon given recent events, BUT I know the city will be doing everything in it’s power to power through. That marathon is going to be YOURS!!

    As for music – you know I have the weirdest and broadest selection in the land – but I would definitely have some Jay-Z on that playlist (I don’t even really like the song Run This Town, but DAMN if it isn’t appropriate!). And I like that new Florence Welch/Calvin Harris collaboration!

    • Thank you thank you! And you are SO not lazy! You’re getting in so many workouts and training for a half! Hello?!?

      I am totally putting Jay Z Empire State of Mind on that list, too. I hadn’t heard the new Calvin Harris–I like!

  4. thehinzadventures says:

    Awe, thanks for the shout out!
    I just added these new songs and I LOVE them!
    Tom petty – Running Down a Dream
    Cake – The Distace
    C. Aguilera – Fighter
    The Darkness – I believe in a Thing Called Love

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. We at Health Warrior have been watching Sandy like a hawk and the potential impact it will have on the marathon. The race will go on! Don’t you fret…and you will accomplish the goal you’ve been thinking about for a year now…and you will do great!

  6. bubblymel says:

    Good Luck Melissa! My Cousin-in-Law has flown all the way from Australia with her friend to attend the marathon! She has also done a heap of fundraising too. I just found out today that the hotel she was staying in was evacuated and she had to move hotels, I am hoping and praying for both of you that the marathon still goes ahead, but mostly that the people of NYC are safe!

      • bubblymel says:

        I heard that the Marathon is going ahead, so that is great news!! Good Luck Girl! Can’t wait to read your blog post about how you go!

  7. Song that I am digging: The Lion The Beast The Beat by Grace Potter….very rock and roll, but VERY pump you up! I have a feeling that you will not even need your music….the cheering from the crowds will be your soundtrack 🙂

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