It’s ON!

I have basically been on pins and needles for the last 72 hours awaiting a final decision as to whether or not the NYC Marathon was actually going to happen. Mayor Bloomberg made it official this afternoon: it’s ON! 

Now I feel like I can really get my head in the game and focus on the race. With everything up in the air, I was having trouble wrapping my head around it. I knew I was going to run 26.2 regardless (I was planning to run in Richmond next weekend if NY was canceled), but now I know exactly when, which somehow helps. 

Today, in the biggest cop out of my life, I dressed up as a runner for Halloween:


I was a bit more decked out earlier, but you get the idea. And hey, I got to wear running clothes to work. Not a bad gig.

I’m off to squish as much as humanly possible into my carry-on suitcase and squeeze in a quick 4 miles before I head to NY tomorrow. Not sure how much I’ll be posting once I’m there, but I’ll keep you updated via twitter! 🙂

Marathoners: What’s your best advice for me?

I’m a little nervous, but mostly excited. Yes, definitely excited! 


13 thoughts on “It’s ON!

  1. You look so cute! I was a runner last year – not a cop out 🙂 Just a good excuse to wearing running clothes (and compression socks) to work!

    As for advice – have fun and don’t go out too fast!! Enjoy every mile – even the hard ones. And just remember that you CAN do it. (all totally lame and cheesy advice, but all true. Physically you are ready — mentally is where it gets you, so don’t let it!)

  2. The only piece of advice I can give is just stay relaxed. You’ve done all the hard work. Enjoy the rest of the ride. Trust in your training and know that you’ve put in all the hard work. It’s time to go out and be a rock star! You’ll be great!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!! Ok, here are some tips that I wish someone had told me during my first marathon:

    1. Water stops are gonna be like a crazy clown circus. People everywhere and so many of them not knowing the etiquette of the water stops (get all the way over before you walk). This only gets worse later in the race when ppl lose their glycogen stores (and their minds, seriously). My suggestion would be to study the course map ahead of time and know when you need to be in the smack dab center of the road that way you don’t get tripped up.

    2. Expect to weave around people. It’s inevitable in such a big race and something that you haven’t “trained” for since during training runs you probably just ran alone and in a straight line. You can either weave and bob if you want a good time or stay more relaxed and suck up having to stay behind some people in the beginning. Over 26.2, though, the weaving around people really uses different muscles and is mentally exhausting!

    3. After mile 20, crowds will probably be offering candy, tissues, and other goodies. These can be lifesavers actually

    4. YOU GOT THIS! You’re a strong, fast runner so shoot for negative splits. The beginning of the race is going to be craaaaazy exciting with so much adrenaline, but really try to pace yourself in the first 3 miles. It’s a long race! In every marathon I roll my eyes at all the young guys who are yucking it up and flying the first few miles but then laugh when they’re all cramped up at mile 21 and I pass them. Pace yourself through 20, then check in with your body, then LAY DOWN THE HAMMER BABY! 🙂

  4. You’ve got this girl! I haven’t run a marathon before (i’m just busy stressing about my own half marathon!) so I’m not sure I have much advice. As a counselor, I can tell you that your thoughts are going to be critical! The more the negative ones come, the more we snowball out of control! Be on top of your thinking patterns and make sure to not let the distortions come on too strongly! YOU CAN DO IT!

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