Giving Thanks

**To Amanda who won the Health Warrior giveaway–Could you please re-send your info to Thank you!!!**

After such a crazy weekend in NYC, I’m feeling back to normal. I needed a minute to be upset about it, took that minute, and now I’m moving past it. Onto Richmond this weekend! I’m actually really excited about running there since I’ve run the half there the last 2 years and know the course fairly well. It’s incredibly flat, ridiculously friendly, and finishes downhill. I can’t wait!

The only thing I’m bummed about at this point is that I won’t have any supporters of my own there. My whole family flew out to NYC for the marathon, including my cousin from Seattle and my little sis, who was willing to spend her entire 21st birthday cheering on her crazy runner sister in her first marathon.

No family resemblance there at all.

They also had t-shirts made–PINK! even for the boys–that they were planning to wear on the course. These people are the greatest.

Even though I won’t have them there in person, I know they’re with me in spirit, which counts for a lot! And sweet Katherine from Neon Blonde Runner has offered not only to let me stay with her, but also to cheer me on and run part of the race with me! I swear, blog friends are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my sweet friend, Erica, who put me and my cousin up in her tiny Upper West Side apartment at the last minute when our AirBnB didn’t have power.

She is impossibly cute, is she not?

And how could I forget Corey, who made me a sign of support all the way from Trinidad and called to check on me (a ridiculously expensive overseas call!). I am one lucky chick.

Last but not least, thank YOU, sweet readers, for your support. I know there was no good answer in NYC for this year’s marathon, but I appreciate your kind words and your encouragement. I’m feeling ready to rock it in Richmond on Saturday. If you’re in the area and want to meet up, let me know!


13 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Your family is THE CUTEST! AHHH! Melt my heart!

    I will be cheering you on in spirit my dear. Why do I get this feeling that you are going to OWN the Richmond Marathon?! OH, BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!!

    Now go get it!

  2. wow you really had such a crowd in Nyc, I hope you had a good time there despite not running. I heard the richmond marathon is really awesome and the weather this weekend is like IDEAL so I can’t wait to hear how you do. if I wasn’t working I would totally drive up there to cheer you on.

  3. Alison says:

    Even though I won’t be able be there to cheer you on, I know that Wilson Phillips will get you through it!!! Hoooooold ooooon!

  4. Awe M…Im the lucky one! You are going to kill your run – I just know it! Tweet me when your done and I will call you and you can tell me all about it! 🙂
    LOVE that 1st quote…i needed it!
    NO MRI results yet…no running either. grrr…
    Going to attempt an 11 miler on Saturday…then rest, rest, rest!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  5. Awww- what love and support from your family! I wish I lived closer because I would be on that course screaming for you too. But, since I can’t be there, I’ll be screaming at the computer on race day instead:) haha. I’m so happy you found another marathon to run after all your hard training!

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