Stuff I’m Excited About

1. Roasted Fennel (and Cabbage)

As part of my Thanksgiving detox–and clean eating pre-Christmas–I’m trying to eat vegan as much as humanly possible. That means lots of new recipes! Last night, I roasted up a purple Napa cabbage and a bulb of fennel, and ZOMG it was delish. (Don’t worry, that’s not all I ate!) Anyway, I just cut both the fennel and cabbage into wedges, gave them a light coating of olive oil and a healthy sprinkle of kosher salt and fresh pepper. Then, I used my kitchen scissors to cut up some of the fennel fronds (the part on top that looks like dill) and sprinkled them over the cabbage. Roasted at 400* for 40 minutes, these came out perfect! The fennel was far and away my fav, though. When roasted, it gets really citrusy. I squeezed some lemon juice over everything, and the result was total deliciousness. Bonus: it turns out fennel is crazy good for you! Check out the health benefits of fennel for yourself.

2. PV Body

My friend Claire over at Live and Love to Eat posted about a new-to-me clothing company called PV Body. For a really reasonable price, they send you high-end workout gear (think Lulu and Nike) once a month. And if you don’t like it? Just send it back for a full refund. Nice, right? Click on the PV Body link above for 20% off your first order. You can cancel anytime, so there’s no long-term commitment. Go on, do it. You deserve it. 😉



I’m on a total hiatus from running right now, but I’d go completely stir crazy if I wasn’t doing anything. Through the wonder that is Pinterest, I found Body Rock TV. It’s one of those workout programs that you’d probably see on Pinterest and think, “Oh, I’ll do that someday,” and then promptly forget about. Well, I decided for once in my life to follow through. From my limited knowledge of Crossfit, I think this is somewhat similar. Lots of intervals and resistance training using your own body weight. There’s a lot of optional equipment, but for every workout, they give you alternative moves to do without all the extras. Full disclosure: this workout is LEGIT. I have to do modified versions of a lot of the exercises (especially pushups, UGH), but I feel strong and energized when I get done with the workouts. The longest one takes around 35 minutes, and short days are around 12 minutes long. So far, so good. I’m trying it for 30 days, so I’ll keep you posted!

4. Holiday Sock Season

What can I say? Total kid at heart over here. I have quite the extensive collection of holiday socks–for every holiday, truth be told–but my Christmas sock collection is the most extensive. You can trust that regardless of what I am wearing this month, underneath my boots there will be holiday socks.

5. GAP

Ugh. This is a problem. I haven’t been crazy about anything at Gap for years, and suddenly, I love EVERYTHING there. Banning myself from going there doesn’t even help because I just shop online instead. I suppose I did need some new winter attire, but let’s be real: there’s a lot of justifying going on here. Oh well–at least I look good!

Who’s excited about what today?


9 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Excited About

  1. 1. Eating vegan? BOOO! Meat FTW! (Although, I would still eat that crazy ass cabbage thing if you made it for me.) 🙂
    2. That PV Body sounds like the new “CD club.” Remember that? Get 10 CDs for a penny and we send you a CD every month! Ugh. I hated that. Clothes are better. But that crap is too much commitment for me.
    3. YES to Christmas socks. I have some fuzzy ones I’m gonna bust out hard soon.
    4. I feel the same about Gap. I never like anything there but recently found a few super cute things. I used to love everything about Gap too. It’s like they don’t change with the times or something.

  2. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    I am a huge fan of roasted cabbage – try napa cabbage and them throwing fennel seeds on it – AMAZING. 🙂 I love me some Christmas socks…

    xoxo from Trinidad

  3. Jill says:

    I love pretty much roasted anything. Sometimes I will take poultry sausage out of the casing and make little meatballs and then add any conceivable roastable vegetable. I add sliced lemons and seasoned pepper. I like the way the lemon slices look – it makes me feel very Martha Stewarty.

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