By the Numbers

I’ve seen a handful of these posts floating around the internets, so I thought I might as well join the party with some randomness for ya.

18–number of times I’ve moved since I was 18. seriously.

8–number of pets I’ve had

22–age I was told I had no cartilage in my knees and should never run again

30–age I started running long distances (6+ miles)

3.99–my GPA in grad school. I missed one question on one exam, and it shot my GPA to hell. #harumph

6–number of half marathons I have run 

8–number of people I’ve called “boyfriends” in my dating life since I was 15

2–number of times I transferred schools in undergrad #indecisive

1–number of times I transferred schools in grad school #ineedtherapy

3–number of times I’ve actually been in therapy #toldya

14–average number of times I tell Roo to “sit” before giving up and just putting her leash on

2–number of foods I absolutely, positively (asparagus and chicken livers)

3–number of high school track records I broke

6–number of siblings I have (Noah, Jenna, Alex, Janet, Mack, Stacey)

47–number of shows set to record in my DVR

5–number of DVR’ed shows I always actually watch (Revenge, Castle, Parenthood, Person of Interest, How I Met Your Mother)

54–number of Friends episodes in my DVR

9–number of hours it will take for me to drive home to Michigan for Christmas

96+–average number of ounces of water I drink each day. What can I say? I’m thirsty! 

What are some of your numbers?

And how glad are we all that it’s FRIDAY?!?!


5 thoughts on “By the Numbers

  1. This is a great post!

    4- number of times I’ve moved since age 18
    3- the number of states I’ve lived in
    about 100- number of meals I’ve cooked that I’ve ruined (i’m getting much better!)
    2- the number of half marathons I’ve completed
    1- the number of triathlons I’ve done
    4- this is the 4th year I’ve been at my current job (and love it!!)

    Happy Friday!

  2. This is so fun! And I had to laugh about 14 times you tell your pup to sit….Rogan is the same way!
    And a 3.99….you are one smart cookie 🙂
    Here are a few of my numbers:
    10 – the number of nieces and nephews I have
    13 – the number of minutes it takes me to get to work
    1.5 – the hours between Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor….dude! We have to meet one day 🙂

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