Safe in the City

Last week I was sick. Like hella-sick. Like sick like whoa.

I have no way to gauge whether or not I’m being dramatic since I was quarantined in my apartment during this sickness, but I felt awful. So awful that even trying to type while laying on the couch exhausted me. I slept. A lot. And watched a fair amount of less than stimulating television.

Why didn’t I just change the channel? Well. About 6 weeks ago, my darling dog decided to chew the DirecTV remote in my absence. Roo doesn’t do anything half-assed, and she put the expected amount of effort into destroying the remote, rendering it useless. I ordered another remote, but it doesn’t work. No, really–it doesn’t work. I’m not just being a stupid girl here. I can program a remote, but this sucker is seriously malfunctioning.


At some point, I will deal with this situation, but for now, my way of dealing with it is to not deal with it. Very adult of me, I know. For the time being, I have to go all 1985 and get off the couch to change the channel or watch anything on my DVR. I can’t even fast forward through the commercials. It’s quite traumatic.

I have a point, I promise. In fact, I’ll go ahead and get to it.

In my ill state, I could barely roll over, let alone get up to change the channel, which had me stuck on one local channel for most of 3 full days. That left me with 3 hours of local news each day. No one should watch 3 hours of local news. Ever. It’s a bad scenario. Besides having the same stories regurgitated again and again, it would appear that there’s a fair amount of crime in DC at the moment, and I proceeded to become increasingly freaked out and scared to leave my apartment. This wasn’t just paranoia, this was genuine concern.


  • Someone was held up 3 blocks from my apartment at 3 pm on Wednesday.
  • Another person was held up 5 blocks away at 5 pm the same day (you know I started following the DC police twitter feed. duh.)
  • A car window was smashed in front of my building, just a few cars away from where my car was parked.
  • A group of young women was “intimidated” (video evidence!) on the Metro and robbed
  • A girl was assaulted and robbed while running on a trail at 11 am on Friday.

The last story was some quality local reporting at its best:

They took her jacket! They took her iPhone! And then . . . they took off! 


Anyway, the point is that there’s, like, a lot of crime going on very close to where I live, and I’m not cool with that. I used to feel pretty safe in my neighborhood, but now? Not so much. I mean, I walked 5 minutes to pick up a (vegan) pizza on Saturday evening, and I was hyper-aware. I didn’t carry a bat with me or anything, but I did walk down a busier street and pay more attention to the people around me. I’m a little afraid of pepper spray, but I do have some, and you had better believe it’s on my keychain in all it’s cumbersome glory!

City peeps: How do you stay safe? 

If you’re not in a city, do you take extra safety precautions? 

I admit, I’m still in my suburban mindset. I need to do more to keep myself safe! Although, having a dog with me almost all the time is a pretty good start!


6 thoughts on “Safe in the City

  1. i feel ya. lately the crimes have been unreal in dc, kind of scary especially because I work in less than safe areas and travel home at terrible hours from those safe areas. i am glad you are feeling better!

  2. Yes, I was going to say to keep Roo close by! I am afraid of pepper spray too, but maybe carry a whistle? My coworker has a pink stun gun. I would be afraid that the perp would be able to pry it away and then use it on me. And that would suck. BIG TIME.
    Be safe my friend!

  3. awww sweet girl, i hope are feeling better! i say take lil rooski roo roo EVERYWHERE! lol….i know having a dog makes me feel a weee bit more safe. thats scary. maybe some mace too. or MOVE! lol. kidding….. but things are so diff in a big city then a smaller one. i am a baby. just be aware of your surroundings! they say if you are attacked to yell, kick, run etc. all of the above 🙂 i would say buy a gun, but ugh. my luck i would kill myself! xo

  4. Alison says:

    I check my behind the shower curtain in our spare bathroom every night to make sure no one is waiting to steel me!
    Have you tested out you mace? You’re supposed to do that… Just make sure not to spray it right as a gust of wind blows. I may or may not have done that 🙂

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