Favorite Holiday Memories

I don’t know about you guys, but I am not feeling in the holiday spirit this year, which is just not normal for me. I mean, you’re talking to the girl who put up her Christmas tree before Thanksgiving last year, the one who’s always all about Black Friday shopping and making holiday treats. This year? Meh. I’m enjoying our tree. I’m drinking my weekend coffee in a holiday mug. I’m listening to my 98* Christmas album circa 1999. But I just can’t get into it. I’m not even enjoying Christmas movies like I usually do.

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather or the fact that I’m away from my family, but it’s bugging me. I am not the “bah humbug” type. I even made a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” board on Pinterest to get me feeling more Christmasy. No dice.

264938390550657594_QXNbvqsZ_cI must be dead inside.

Anyway. I’m not giving up. So today, I’m thinking of some favorite holiday memories in an attempt to get into it. Here we go!

Earilest Christmas Memory

The year I was 3, Cabbage Patch Kids mania was sweeping the nation. In classic three year old fashion, I insisted I wasn’t interested in the dolls–until the week before Christmas. Bless my dear mother Santa for running around all of creation and finding a doll just for me so I could experience that Christmas morning magic. And magic it was.

I crept down the steps in my itchy Christmas pajamas, turned to my right, and there she was. In a pale blue dress with a tiny blonde curl on top of her head, perched on our old red velvet sofa. She had that sweet, baby powdery smell that was the signature of Cabbage Patch dolls, and I was beyond ecstatic to call her my own.



One of my most magical Christmas memories for sure.

Playing Nice Memory

To say that my brother and I didn’t get along as kids is the biggest understatement possibly ever. We loathed each other. There was one particular altercation where he spit in my hair, and I retaliated by stepping on his face and breaking his nose. Seriously. We did not mess around. But somehow, on Christmas, we always found a way to like each other. One year, we took all of the empty cardboard wrapping paper tubes and duct taped them together into a long tunnel that stretched from his bed to mine so we could talk to each other on Christmas Eve after we went to bed. I think that was the same year I woke up at 3:30 am, got him up, and tried to make our parents get up. Little did I know, they had only been in bed an hour after assembling toys all night. We were promptly banished back to bed until it was light out. Boooo.

olive branch.jpg


Favorite Holiday Tradition

This is a tough one–my parents did an awesome job of making some pretty special traditions for our family, like baking a ridiculous amount of cut out cookies and crowding around the kitchen table to fight over icing and sprinkles decorate them. Or piling in the car to drive around town, listen to Christmas carols, and look at lights. But I have to say our Christmas Eve traditions are my favorite. We go to a late afternoon mass, then come home, change into comfy clothes, and eat our way through the evening. While my parents make a ridiculously delicious dinner (think filet mignon wrapped in bacon, twice baked potatoes), we all snack on cheese and crackers and (as adults) drink wine. After dinner, we gather in the formal living room to open 2 gifts: Christmas PJ’s and an ornament. My mom picks out something to remind us of the past year, something significant about our life or our experience that year. I have lots of running ornaments, and I love them all! If we only ever did our nuclear family Christmas Eve every year, I would be happy. It’s the best.

DSC06226.JPGLast year’s yumminess.

running ornamentPart of the “running ornament” collection. 🙂

Favorite Romantical Memory

File this under “I am the densest person alive.” When I was 14, I had a crush on a boy, as do many 14 year old girls. I had (very awkwardly) gone to the homecoming dance with my crush back in October, but we hadn’t chatted much after that, and in my adolescent girl way, I assumed he wasn’t interested. Except. Except. Right before Christmas, he called and said he had something for me and could he bring it over? Uh–yeah! I was beyond thrilled that the boy I liked not only had a gift for me, but he was coming over to my house. Big moment, folks. The gift, was this:

cat's meowYes, I googled and found a picture of the exact ornament, although I’m sure it’s still floating around somewhere. Anyway, I thanked him somewhat confusedly. I mean, I’m not a cat person. And I don’t like sailing. I so didn’t get it. Thank God my mom explained it. Not only did the boy I liked bring me a gift and come to my house, he liked me!!! 

Guys: if you ever want to tell a girl you like her, Christmas is a great time to do it. In fact, I think I’d enjoy something just like this even now. So if my crush is reading, you can go ahead and get on that. 😉

Alright, that’s all I’ve got, but I must say, this absolutely did cheer me up and get me feeling Christmasy! YAY!

What’s your earliest holiday memory? Funniest? Best? Favorite? Most romantical 😉???






14 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Memories

  1. Angela @ Health's Angel says:

    Haha! The sailing cat ornament story is too funny. I loved Cabbage Patch dolls when I was younger! I got one when I was two years old, not long after my brother was born, because apparently I was jealous of all the attention he was getting…

    Some of my earliest holiday memories include being ecstatic after receiving a Barbie Jacuzzi from Santa (best gift ever) and my brothers and I accidently breaking a couple Christmas ornaments and hiding them under the couch so our mom wouldn’t find out. 🙂

  2. I think your crush already got you something for Christmas. I heard it’s a raccoon ornament wearing sunglasses carrying a tuba.

    I had the Cabbage Patch Kid too. Her name was Nellie Julian and my step mom sold her in a garage sale while I was away for the school year. I was traumatized. I bought alllll sorts of newborn baby clothes for her so I could change her outfit every day. #StillBitter

    My family and I would always go to midnight mass on Christmas and when we got back from mass…the presents were under the tree from Santa. 🙂

    One of my favorite Christmas moments. Picture it. Illinois 1989. I’m playing Jenga with my family and my step-mom says, “I love this game. Its so tedious.” To which I told her tedious means boring and she’s using it wrong. She didn’t believe me. When she looked it up and realized I was right…that was the best gift of the season. #GoingToHell

    • Is it a rabid raccoon? Because otherwise that might be kind of ambiguous.

      I want to beat up your step mom for selling your CPK. Totes not ok. Also, we would have totally been BFFs as kids. At least you showed her up by proving how stupid she is. Then again, maybe that’s why she sold your doll.

  3. Kira says:

    I love this post! I’m feeling you on the weather messing with my Christmas spirit. I think I’ve been ok just because it’s Juliet’s first real Christmas and it makes me so excited; decorating cookies and watching Christmas movies. 🙂

    I loved all of the traditions growing up-church on Christmas Eve followed by our favorite appetizer spread for dinner, opening our Christmas pajamas and watching It’s A Wonderful Life together as a family. Then, until I moved out when I was 21, my brother, sister and I all slept in one room together, read from an old Christmas collection of short stories from when my mom was a little girl and got excited about Santa coming to visit. 🙂 I found a reprint of the book a few years ago and now we all have our own copy to share with our kids. So excited to read it to Juliet this year. 🙂

  4. What was that doll’s name? Madeline Simone? I about killed myself finding that doll and paid a very dear price. Cabbage Patch dolls were all the craze that year and women were literally clawing each other to get them. I knew a seriously disturbed woman (hard to believe, isn’t it?) who bought many of them in August of that year, just so she could take advantage of last-minute emergencies like mine. I believe I paid her $90. for the fricking, I mean darling doll! Truthfully, seeing your face light up was worth every penny and I do it again in a heartbeat.
    Thanks for posting this, Sis! I’ve been struggling with holiday cheer this year as well. Guess it was the hospital scare with your little sis and the fact that I’ve been exhausted.
    P.S. I loved that one day a year when you and your brother liked each other. It warmed my heart. Still does:)) Can’t wait to have you home! Soon. Very soon.

  5. bubblymel says:

    Aww your Christmas stories are great! I love the Pyjamas and Ornament I might have to start doing that with my little Family!! I am trying to think of any traditions we had growing up. We always used to go to church on Christmas day and then come home and have a big lunch with my grandparents and Aunt, then we got to open presents from the grandparents (we did ours Christmas morning) and we would spend the afternoon playing and then go to my Great-Uncle’s house ih the evening. I have always loved Christmas and I remember one year I was super excited and got up at about 5am, I think I must have been about 10 or 11 anyway I decided I’d be real clever and unwrap all my presents and wrap them back up again! I obviously was not very good at re-wrapping as I totally got busted and was not allowed to have my supercool Walkman all of Christmas day!

  6. Love your Christmas stories! I hope that it helped put you in a better holiday frame of mine. This was so me last year, so I feel ya.
    Honestly, the cat ornament?! So sweet in an teen-love sort of way!
    My favorite memories always involve food, family, and a fireplace….those are the memories that I hold dear.

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