Holiday Favorites

In the spirit of continuing to force some holiday cheer into my cold cold heart, I’ve got a list of my holiday favorites–and least favorites.


Favorite Song: Ave Maria or Carol of the Bells–preferably sung by Trans Siberian Orchestra. Either way, I refuse to choose just one.


Least Favorite Song: The Little Drummer Boy. OK, I actually don’t hate this one any more. I used to be super anti-pa-rum-pa-pum-pum. But then I met a drummer boy that I liked, and now it kinda makes me smile.

Favorite Movie: I get to pick an old one and a new one because this is my blog, and I say so. So my old favorite is White Christmas. My sister and I used to pretend we were Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen and sing, “Sisters . . . sisters . . . there were never such devoted sisters!” And for new, it’s a tough call, but I love The Holiday.

White Christmas (1954) 2

Least Favorite Movie: The Family Stone. Too depressing.

Favorite Tradition: Christmas Eve!

My sis & me on Christmas Eve in our PINK jammies!

Least Favorite Tradition: This is where I confess something that will almost certainly send me to hell. I don’t like the extended family gathering on Christmas day. I know. But, especially now that I’m far away, my time with my parents, brother, sister, and soon-to-be sister in law is precious. I know it’s good for me to see the rest of the fam, too, but I’d rather do it another time.

Favorite Holiday Food: I don’t know that I have a single favorite that stands out in my mind over time, but I’ve always loved Russian Tea Cakes. The last few years, though, I look forward to this cranberry walnut bread from Zingerman’s that we tend to buy around the holidays. It is seriously the most delicious thing ever. Ever ever.


Least Favorite Holiday Food: Ham. Blech.

Favorite Holiday Drink: Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale. I don’t drink much pop, but I can’t say no to this. I wish it wasn’t seasonal. I would drink it all year round.

cranberry ginger ale

Least Favorite Holiday Drink: Egg Nog. I wanted to like it so much when I first tried it, but it’s not my thing.

Favorite Decoration: Snowmen!2011-12-11_20-50-12_75

Least Favorite Decoration: Blue Christmas Lights

Favorite Holiday Card to Receive: Preferably something handwritten, but those are almost nonexistent these days! So I like a nice family photo that I can stick on the fridge. Not just your kids–I want to see my friends, too!

No, I did not send this out.

No, I did not send this out. Roo looks stoned or something.

Least Favorite Holiday Card: The Christmas brag letter. Get over yourself.

What are some of your favorites–and least favorites???


12 thoughts on “Holiday Favorites

  1. Angela @ Health's Angel says:

    I really want those pajamas…
    I don’t care for ham either, and it’s always my family’s choice for Christmas Eve dinner. I normally pick at a tiny piece to be polite…but load up on the good stuff, like my mom’s scalloped potatoes and curried fruit!

  2. I’m right there with you on the ham. Bleck. Roast beef might be my favorite!

    I LOVE Carol of the Bells – and the Nutcracker (I’m actually taking B to see it next week!).

    I love your family traditions 🙂

  3. Things I love in the run up to Christmas – ice skating on one of the dozen or so temporary rinks that pop up in London. I’m a terrible skater but I really enjoy my seasonal trip. Mulled wine – yum! Mince pies – double yum! Pre-Christmas ballet trip, this year I saw Sleeping Beauty. Snow!

    Things I hate – Christmas music. Not the choir or carols but the drippy pop that is played in every single shop from mid-November onwards!
    Christmas shopping – so stressful (and also the shops all play sappy Christmas music) I do it all online and then go to one of the Christmas markets to soak up the festive atmosphere

  4. The Family Stone does have a very sad ending but the rest of the movie makes me smile. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies now. I’m totally with you on the ham…I don’t understand the appeal at all. AND..I LOVE that you said pop! I grew up saying pop in the North Suburbs of Chicago and down here in Florida. everyone looks at me funny when I say it. 🙂

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