Trinidad Love

You guys.

It looks like this here:

IMG 0061

I mean–


I’m looking out the window, and that’s what’s there. For realz. 

I got here on Saturday morning on the red eye . . .

Arriving in trini

just in time for my birthday!

Sweet c

As you all know, I am not a birthday gal. But Corey went above and beyond to make it amazing.  

IMG 0055

I arrived to a decorated bedroom, mimosas, and amazing views. 

IMG 0057

I wound up sleeping most of the day (this girl does not sleep on airplanes), then we went to the salon to fix my mop. I love the color. The cut is a little short (yes, there were tears–UGH), but when I came out of the salon, Corey had beautiful flowers waiting for me and whisked me away to an incredible birthday dinner at Buzo. 

Happy 33

The food was–well, delicious doesn’t begin to describe it. 

Highlights (courtesy of C’s fancy camera):

Portabella fries

Portabella fries

Pumpkin pasta

Pumpkin Ravioli-ish pasta


Grouper–I don’t know what this sauce was, but it was freaking amazing. I could’ve licked the plate. Instead, I kissed the cook.

Kiss the cook

And then, they brought out a sweetly decorated chocolate soufflé for me.

Make a wish

That basically tasted like a bowl of chocolate lava.

Happy bday

Oh–and in case you were wondering, veganism is on hold right now. I’m in Trinidad! It would just be silly to miss out. 

Me and c

Oh–and then they brought us limoncello to sip on. 

IMG 0066

If you haven’t had it before, limoncello is a very strong liqueur made of lemon peel, vodka, and sugar that’s served as an after dinner drink. We sipped and laughed and chatted–they do not rush you out the door in Trinidad. Hospitality is the name of the game. So nice. 

Yesterday, C’s hubby Glen and I went sailing. (Sadly, Corey’s foot is still in a cast from the surgery she had back in December, so she couldn’t join us.) But we weren’t just sailing–we were racing! 


Team Jaguar! 

I mostly just tried to stay out of the way. I partially succeeded, but I did almost fall off the boat once–NBD–and have the rope burn on my stomach to prove it. I don’t have all the pics on my computer yet, but I’ll just tell you it was gorgeous, and you’ll believe me, right? Good call. We also sailed through a school (pod?) of dolphins and they were jumping right next to the boat–pics of that to come! 

XOXO from Trinidad


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