A Case of the Mondays

Guys–I’m depressed.

I know you’re all, “Oh poor you, you just went on a beautiful Caribbean vacation, and now you’re boo-hooing because you’re back in the real world.”

trini pool


Well, kinda.

But I came back to freezing rain and frigid temps in DC, which isn’t helping. But the thing I think I’m most bummed about? Running.

Yep, running. That thing I haven’t done in 2 months because I was impossibly burnt out. I figured I’d get back to it when the urge struck, and yesterday when I woke up there it was.

I bundled myself up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Runner, leashed up the pup, and set out for an easy (EASY!) 2 miles. Not far, not fast, just something to get the old legs moving. Lo and behold, a half mile in, my hamstring/hip/back issue, which hasn’t bothered me in at least 2 months, started to get uncomfortable. I figured I was just using different muscles than I’ve been using lately and that it would ease up. Ha. Silly me. Nope.

Totes doing this if I ever have a baby.

Totes doing this if I ever have a baby, btw.

I made it through the rest of the run, successfully avoiding Roo’s attempts to knock me on my face. In her defense, she was just hunting squirrels, but she needs to get herself under control. Or something. But I didn’t feel good. No runner’s high, just pain. Does this mean the whole marathon training thing (that didn’t even lead to me running a marathon) ruined my running abilities forever? 😦

So that was disappointing. Other things bumming me out:

  • My haircut. Yes, still. I am a long hair girl and have vowed never to chop my hair off. Kind of a bummer when someone takes that choice away from you. So now I have a very short layer on top that does not fall right at all. On someone with thicker hair, it’d be fine, but on me, it looks like I accidentally chopped my own hair off. Ponytail city. Boo.

    That face!!

    That face!!

  • Not being home with Roo. I know–stupid. But I missed my dog while I was gone, and all I want to do is snuggle her and take her for walks and play ball with her. She’s just so sweet!
  • Mean people. Some people at work are sending me not nice emails. This seems unnecessary. That’s why this is my wallpaper at work:be kind
  • My birthday. Even though it’s over, and it was a lot better this year than it’s been in a long time, something about it just makes me feel bad. For some reason, it’s lingering this year.

I’ll quit complaining now. I know I don’t have it terribly bad, and I am just feeling sorry for myself, but sometimes, you just need a day to feel blue. I’m going to attempt a quick Daily Hiit workout when I get home and maybe a new vegan recipe for dinner.

Here’s hoping your Monday is better than mine!


9 thoughts on “A Case of the Mondays

  1. This is all quite sad!! I’m so sorry about the run but its just your body trying to get back into that mode. You’ll get there again and the key is to not rush the process. Let your body guide you.

    Definitely stay optimistic and tomorrow is likely to be better! 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    As to the emails, mean people suck – they must just be jealous of your tan. Years ago someone game me a layered cut which just gave me helmet hair. Nine months ago a bitch (I think it must be said because she was) gave me a chin length cut when I requested a shoulder length trim. Even my friends had a hard time not laughing because it gave me Rosanne Rosanna Dana hair!! From now on when I get a cut I tell the stylist to put the blade of the scissors where she is going to cut before she cuts so that I can have her adjust accordingly.

    Cheer up because you cheered us all up!!

  3. I’m beginning to wonder if it is in the air. I feel as if I’m in the same funk! I just keep thinking it will get better, just keep plugging away. So here you go my advice, “it will get better, just keep plugging away!”
    Something I also have my clients do is think about things you are grateful for. It tends to make any mood more positive. Good Luck.

  4. awww hugs pretty girl!!! first of all, cheer up! sit down and make a list of all the positive things you DO HAVE….starting with ROOOOOO!!! i know journaling is VERY therapeutic for me….it just makes me feel better when i write and doodle…..secondly, i know you HATE your hair…but seriously. you could be BALD and still BEAUTIFUL!!!! it will grow back, ( i know, easy for someone else to say!) thirdly, are you taking extra D3 vitamins….they say that women really need that when you are lacking sunshine and vitamin D. i am actually going to pick up some b12 also, as someone told me that is a natural ‘mood’ enhancer! and lastly, as far as that mean person goes…..um, i cant even say anything. that is just horrible and shame on THEM!!!!
    cheer up lil princess! we all LOVE you! xo

  5. I have a light box that I LOVE using in the winter. Too many gray days and I just feel blah! I also try to write out things that I’m thankful for when I feel blah to try to snap my mood around a bit. Coming back from vacation is hard, so be patient with your adjustment:) And nasty emails. Well- sometimes people are just nasty, and that’s sad. I try to remember “what others think of me is none of my business”. I hope your week gets better!

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