“Gotcha!” and a Giveaway

Friends! It’s Monday!

OK, I’m not particularly thrilled it’s Monday, but I do have a couple other things to celebrate today.

First up: my little Roo Bear!

IMG_0279It’s our “gotcha” day! One year ago today, I picked up this little girl and brought her home with me. She drives me absolutely insane, and I wouldn’t give her up for anything.

But I'm so worth it!!!

I can’t believe she was ever this tiny! We celebrated this weekend with a Puppy Cake from her BarkBox, a few long walks, some new toys, and lots of playtime.

IMG_0292This is her, “I can’t believe you’re taking my picture and not letting me eat that cake” face.

I’m doing a two-for-one celebration today since tomorrow is my 2 year blogging anniversary. Hard to believe I’ve been blathering on about this and that around these parts for that long, but here we are. (Check out my first post here.) The thing that’s so cool to me is that so so many of you have been following me from the very beginning–I adore you for that. And even though I have a lot of loyal friends reading, I also meet new reader friends all the time. To those of you who take time out of your busy lives to read my thoughts and share yours, I couldn’t be more grateful.

As a way of saying thanks, I’m offering up a little gift today. I wish I had one to give to each of you! Alas, that is not the case. But one lucky winner will get to create their very own My Race Ragz shirt!Β DSC07569.JPG

I originally created this shirt for my marathon . . . Even though the race didn’t go as planned, I got TONS of compliments on it during the race.


So many people told me how much they liked it, how they needed to hear that, how it pumped them up. Not only was it fun to have a one-of-a-kind shirt, it was also super comfy and breathe-able to race in. Lightweight and moisture wicking, I liked it so much, I ordered 2 more for Corey and I to wear for our half the next weekend!

st-pete-half.jpgIMG_0305Since I was so happy with the shirts, I reached out to My Race Ragz and asked if they’d do a giveaway. Because they are super fantastically nice, they agreed! Yipee!

Christie has been so completely fantastic while I sat on this giveaway and waited for this very special occasion to let you guys in on it (I asked her way back in November!). One lucky lucky reader gets to create their very own Race Ragz–short sleeves, long sleeves, whatever you like! And you don’t have to wear these just for running, either. I wear mine to do my DailyHiit workouts, and they’re great. So so comfy–easily one of my go-to favorite shirts.

The My Race Ragz website is super fun, too, with pre-designed or create-your-own options–or you can mix and match like I did with my half marathon shirt–their design on front, my choice of color, font, and text on back. I cannot tell you how much fun I had (and how much time I spent!) playing around with the different designs. There are about a gazillion different fonts, colors, and possibilities.


One quick note–I would suggest going up a size. I wore a small in the long sleeved tee (I’m usually XS), and it was a perfect fit. Not tight, but not baggy or anything either. I went for a medium in the short sleeves, and it’s a bit roomier, but still comfortable.

All you have to do to enter is leave a (nice) comment telling me something about your weekend or why you’re happy today. I’ll keep the giveaway open until Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at midnight. So sorry to my international readers, this is a U.S. only giveaway, but I love you just the same!!!



27 thoughts on ““Gotcha!” and a Giveaway

  1. Great shirt! Best part of my weekend was snowshoeing with my dogs. On February 16th it will be one year since we got Griz. I’ll be sure to give him lots of “gotcha” hugs that day.

  2. Kira says:

    Oh, I just love you! Happy gotcha day to Roo and you! (Dr. Seuss moment there) We had a wonderful weekend including a great night out minus the little one. Always appreciated!

  3. One of the reasons I’m excited right now is that I woke up on my own this morning 15 minutes early, and ended up watching an episode of Castle while getting ready for work! It was a fun way to start the morning, and I felt like I was going to work late this morning. Yay for fun Mondays:)

  4. It has not already been a year since you have brought that sweet-faced Roo home?! Where does the time go!?! Happy homecoming day Pup!

    Something about my weekend: I was craving a coconut white cake, so I baked one. I rarely bake so that was HUGE for me! Now I need someone to share it with because if I am not careful I will eat the whole damn thing πŸ™‚

  5. Desiree@ichoosehealthyandfit says:

    Happy “gotcha” day to Roo & “blogaversary” to you! I love to read your blog, you are so relatable!

    So as for this weekend, I ran my very first half marathon! While it wasn’t my best race & didn’t quite go as pictured (I forgot my inhaler & had one of my worst asthma attcks to date), I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. I learned a lot about me as a runner and I still managed to make it across the finish line before the attack got super bad! I know i could have had a better finish time, but when the attack started it slowed me down. I’ve already signed up for my next one though! I plan for this one to go much smoother!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  6. Congrats on the two year blog anniversary. It is amazing how fast time goes. This weekend I ran my first race pregnant. It was just a 5k, but gives me something to be proud of.

  7. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I am happy today because the roads are clear and I can go for a run after work later this afternoon with my best friend Becky. She is such an inspiration to me in her daily committment to running.

  8. Just found your blog! Roo is very cute…is she a visla? I have a Weimaraner, and I know those two breeds look very similar. I would love a custom running shirt, thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Awesome shirt. I worked and got sick all weekend…but there was a good thing: I had to work for the superbowl, so I literally only watched 30 minutes of it BUT I got to catch the premier for the new Fast and Furious trailer. Made my night! Sounds dorky, but I love those movies. It was perfect timing to be on break.

  10. Woah – it’s already been a year since you brought Roo home??? Crazy!!!

    I’m happy today because I get to see YOU this week (I still need to write you back, btw)!! And it’s cold where you are – it’s like 70 here. TOO WARM FOR WINTER.

  11. Jordan D says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’m happy today because I was able to get to yoga class on time and since it was the first Monday of the month, we did partner yoga! So fun πŸ™‚

  12. awe great giveaway!!! happy gotcha day to you and ROO BEAR!!! she is so stinkin cute….i am happy today that monday is over and we are one day closer to the weekend πŸ™‚ xoxo

  13. ooo love these shirts! i can definitely see myself spending way too much time designing one lol. this weekend i saw “nice work if you can get it” on broadway and am now obsessed with matthew broderick. seriously, he’s just adorable.

  14. This weekend I was so proud of myself because I convinced myself to run outdoors in the 7 F temperatures. And I had fun πŸ™‚ I listened to the “Book of Mormon” musical soundtrack while running, and while parts of it shocked me (EXPLICIT is on some of the songs for a reason), many songs made me smile.

  15. Nicole G says:

    Even though I’m leaving this comment and entering on Wednesday – I’ll leave my reason for being happy on Monday – it was also my one year anniversary of my “Gotcha Day” for my puppy – Penny. I’ve never had a dog and didn’t even really like them until Penny and somehow I’m the closest in my family to her. Roo is adorable, btw! More pictures – always!

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