Fun with Power Tools

Something very exciting happened over the weekend. 

IMG 0391

Yes, friends. That’s right. I bought a power tool. A cordless drill to be exact.

And then I used said drill to install a shelf. A functional, stable shelf.

It’s kind of a miracle, really. 

Storage in the city comes at a premium, so I’m always looking for ways to maximize the space I have. I decided I wanted to install a shelf above my bathroom door to free up some under-the-sink space. And you know something? It was easy. Seriously. You should do it, too. 

First, I bought this bad boy from Ikea (installation hardware not included). 

Then, I marked the places above the door frame where I needed to drill with a pencil. I measured on either side with a ruler to be sure it was centered. 

IMG 0376

Next, the drilling! I had to consult my dad about this as I was using plugs or anchors or whatever you want to call them, and I wasn’t sure how that worked. Apparently, you want to drill a hole just big enough that you can hammer the anchor (gently) into it. His suggestion was to start conservatively with a drill bit that that might be a little smaller than you need. You can always make the hole bigger, but you can’t make it smaller. (Can’t even TWSS that one. It’s too easy). 

Anyway, I started with a medium sized drill bit, but wound up using the largest one in my set. BTW, if you’re buying a drill, you should know that they don’t come with drill bits which makes zero sense and leads me to believe that this system was designed by a man, but whatever. 

IMG 0378

Make sure the drill is perpendicular to the wall, and drill slowly with steady pressure until you get a hole. 

IMG 0380

A blurry hole, but a hole no less!

Then, tap your screw plug/anchor thingies into the holes with a hammer. You have to make sure you hit these straight on or they start to buckle (if you have plastic anchors, that is).

IMG 0377

Next, screw the shelf into the anchors. I used the screw bit (is that the right term???) to attach them most of the way, then manually tightened the screws the rest of the way since it was at a funny angle. 

IMG 0383

All that was left to do then was to add the actual shelf. Sha-ZAM! 

IMG 0384

God, I’m handy. 

Check it:

IMG 0386

IMG 0387

IMG 0389

And yes, I stockpile bath products like it’s my job. But I NEVER run out of conditioner or face wash. So say what you will, but it’s a good practice as far as I’m concerned. 

Now, I have crazy space under the sink to load up with paper towels and boxes of tissue and other things I didn’t have space to store before. Ahhh, I love organizing! 

Do you own any power tools? 

Are you going to install a shelf in your bathroom, like, tomorrow? Because you totally should. 


9 thoughts on “Fun with Power Tools

  1. I seriously adore you. And WAY TO BE HANDY!! I’m not even gonna lie, when I saw you instagram or tweet your shelf or whatever social media you used before this post, I totally got jealous and wanted to install my own shelf too. boys be damned! [kidding, sean, if you ever see this comment ;-)]

  2. kudos to you, drill girl! 🙂
    i actually bought my very own drill this summer also! but i am embarrased to admit i had to actually go back to the hardware store because for whatever reason the bit got stuck in place. wahhhhhh……not sure how the hell that happened….but it did!
    the shelf looks great! i am impressed that you even used those white thingys (i forget what they are called) but great job!!!

  3. You rock. I used to know how to use power tools. Kind of. But then I got married and decided I would retire from that biznazz. Someday when I decide to re-organize the entire house while he’s at work (oh yeah), I’ll regret that early retirement. Let’s hope it’s a bit like riding a bike, huh?

  4. Jill says:

    Bravo, I like how you got a real bonafide drill and not one of those pink ones. Also like the shelf and how you made measurements, the person who had my place before me thought that you needed a molly (those anchory things) for everything and would install six within a 6 inch diameter – just to get things “right”. Guess that she did not know that you can actually use a nail to hang most pictures.

    I also like your “stockpile” I hate running out of batteries, toilet paper and light bulbs!!

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