What I’m Eating

 Since I’m still riding the vegan train, I thought I’d share a little installment of, “What I’m Eating,” otherwise known as “What Vegans Eat.” 

Typically, breakfast hasn’t changed much. I still have oatmeal with peanut or almond butter and a banana most days–minus the egg white that I’d grown to love adding. My oats aren’t quite as creamy, but I don’t miss the egg whites much. 

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I’ve also been loving scrambled tofu on the weekend. Basically, you just crumble up tofu and cook it like you would eggs with seasonings, veggies, and cheese. This is from Busboys and Poets in D.C., but what I make at home is just as good (maybe better 😉 ).

IMG 0409

Lunches vary somewhat, but they’re not too different from what I was having before: lots of salads and soups. Lately, I’m loving kale dressed with tahini and lemon with a boatload of veggies.

IMG 0313

Inside that one is Trader Joe’s savory marinated tofu. It’s not cheap–I want to say $3.49 for a tiny block?–but it is probably the best tofu I’ve ever had. So so good. Tip: I always do my salads like this with the veggies layered in the bottom of the tupperware with lemon juice or balsamic and then the lettuce on top. I make them a week ahead–the lettuce stays crunchy, and the veggies aren’t soggy.

I’m also loving Miso Dipped Tempeh (<–that dressing recipe is the stuff dreams are made of). 

IMG 0394

Paula said she bought some tempeh, and it wasn’t good. I also blame it on being coconut curry flavored tempeh. I buy LightLife organic tempeh. I wouldn’t eat it on its own, but cooked like this, or in the vegan biscuits and gravy, it’s awesome. 

Tempeh three grain 201210

Snack-wise, nuts are my go-to.

IMG 0228

Almonds and cashews, to be precise, but I’m also crushing on the Sweet and Spicy Pecans from Trader Joe’s. Not surprisingly, I don’t have a picture because I inhale them anytime they’re in my reach. I’ll try to stop being so greedy and snap a pic for you next time. 

Dinners leave me room for a little more creativity and lots of trying out new food! 

For instance, I was craving pizza last weekend, so pizza it was! 

IMG 0423

There are 2 vegan cheeses I like: Trader Joe’s vegan mozzarella, and any Daiya cheese.

The TJ’s is great for melting–it gets gooey like real cheese–and the flavor is good. Texture-wise, it can be a little gummy, but not enough to keep me from eating and enjoying it.

Daiya doesn’t melt as pretty (see above), but it tastes great. The texture is probably as close as you’re going to get to real cheese, and they have several flavors in both shreds and whole blocks of cheese. I’ve tried pepperjack, mozzarella, havarti, and cheddar–all delish. I actually like shredding the blocks of cheese myself better than the pre-shredded cheese. It melts prettier, and I think the flavor is a little better.

IMG 0435

Here’s another attempt at something with “cheeze.” A broccoli cheeze soup made with nutritional yeast and topped with vegan pepperjack and homemade croutons. It’s not cheese, but it’s a pretty good sub. It kicked my craving for Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup, and it’s about 10 zillion times better for you (<–scientific). 

On the dessert front, well, you saw these bad boys last week . . . 

IMG 0311

And I made some vegan Banana Split Bread last weekend that I demolished.

IMG 0413

I’ve also been loving my cookie dough, but overall I notice my cravings for sweets aren’t quite what they used to be. 

So there you have it! Vegan eats! 

Anything you’re wondering about my grand vegan experiment? 


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