Friday Favorites: the Beauty & Optical Edition

Friday! More beauty favorites this week because I’ve eaten mostly leftovers this week, and I may or may not be on a mini hiatus from working out, sooooo . . .

IMG 0469

Cutest contact case ever?!? I think so. And no, I’m not 13 years old, but I did have to have this.

I guess I had something of an optical week because I also picked out some new Warby Parkers. I’ve had the same pair of ugly frames that I hate for 3+ years, and I rarely leave the house in them–unless it’s to take Roo out in which case I’m also wearing my most lived-in yoga pants, Uggs, and the world’s messiest ponytail. It’s HAWT.

Anyway, Warby Parker lets you pick out 5 sets of frames and sends them right to you for in-home try on. You get to keep them for 5 days, wear them around, and then order the pair (or, ahem, pairs) you like best OR return them and order more to try if there weren’t any winners in that batch. Nice, right? I like that you actually get a chance to live in these and see what suits you. The frames are really affordable, and for every pair purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need. Kind of like Toms, except without the ugly mummy feet (sorry Toms lovers, just can’t get on board).

I tried on Langley, Marshall, and Linwood first, but they weren’t the most flattering on me.

IMG 0474It came down to Ainsworth, which made me feel studious and sassy . . .

IMG 0441

And Sims, which are still studious and a little hipster-y, but a little better fit for my freakishly tiny head.


Based on the feedback I got via instagram, text messages, Skype, and IRL from my co-workers, it’s looking like the Sims are the winners, but feel free to cast your vote.

Let it also be noted that I feel ridiculously awkward taking photos of myself, but I’m shameless enough to snap one of myself at the bus stop in the middle of rush hour. Make of that what you will.

Moving on.

More beauty products I’m digging! I know I teased you with these last week:

IMG 0354

But you’re going to have to wait on those for at least another week because I this week I’m giving my shout outs to old favorites, rather than new.

First up, CoverGirl cgsmoothers BB Cream.

IMG 0464

I’ve been using this stuff for a while now as a daytime moisturizer. I love that it gives you a little coverage if you don’t feel like putting on a whole face of makeup, but it’s not heavy at all. Plus, it has an SPF, which is a must for my freckly face. Even if you do wear it with makeup, it doesn’t look like you have a mask on, which is also a nice little bonus. Also, it runs about $7, and at Ulta, it’s almost always buy one get one half off.

Next, Prive Finishing Texture Spray.

IMG 0466

I’m pretty sure you can only get this online or at the Prive Salon, but it’s worth seeking out. This spray gives you hold without stiffness, plus volume. It’s kind of magical. Oh, and it smells absurdly good. Like, better than my perfume good. And let’s face it: smelling good is a priority in my life.

Last, but certainly not least: Smashbox O Gloss.

photo 2This stuff is pretty magical, too. It’s a clear gloss that “intuitively” changes to a shade of pink to match your skin tone. I don’t know how that happens (it’s, like, SCIENCE!), but I love this stuff. It’s not too sticky or thick. Basically perfect for every day. I’d say one step up from Chapstick. And it also gave me the opportunity to take more awkward selfies.

photo 1You.are.welcome.

Tell me something good.


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: the Beauty & Optical Edition

  1. I like the Sims as well! I have glasses like Linwood, but I feel like I need some black glasses like B.

    Since I think your hair looked fabulous when I saw you – I’m going to have to get out that Prive spray. I need…something.

    PS – I love awkward selfies from you!

    • Order some from WP to try on! It’s basically the best thing ever.

      Your hair looked great to me–I am super jealous of the length. But you do need the Prive spray. We all need the Prive spray.

      ❀ *blushing*

  2. I love the Garnier BB cream. It’s like base but lotion. I bought the L’Oreal BB Cream the other day and it’s totes not as good. It actually sounds more like the Cover Girl kind from your description. But seriously, I don’t see coverage at all with the L’Oreal one. I’m sticking with Garnier. I don’t know why I find stuff I like and insist on trying to find something different afterwards.
    Oh, I have some Smashbox gloss too…love it!
    And see? Your hair doesn’t suck. Even Michelle said so!

  3. Cool glasses website info, ill have to check it out! I like the Sims on you too. I’ve said it a million times already, but ill say it again – your hair looks amazing. Disembarking cruise as I type – vacation was fun!

    xoxo from Miami

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