I Did a Craft. I Crafted.

You guys. I am so on a roll with projects lately. Typically, I see a project on Pinterest or have an idea I want to try, but being that I am blissfully unskilled in the craftiness department, those projects rarely come to successful fruition.

See: me trying to “refinish” an Ikea table:


Lessons learned: I don’t like sanding.


And just because you read the directions doesn’t mean it’s going to work.


At which point a giant glass of wine is in order.

But this time, I went with something a little more foolproof. Good news: it didn’t drive me to drink. Well, maybe a celebratory cocktail.

I’d wanted to make a magnetic board for my makeup for some time to free up more space and keep everything accessible, yet out of the way. I saw several ideas on Pinterest that involved getting sheet metal cut to fit a picture frame, and I even went to Home Depot and checked out their sheet metal selection, but it wasn’t the width I wanted, so I kept hunting for the right animal.

I found it at Ikea (shocking) in this standard magnetic board.

Spontan ikea

The price was right so if I screwed it up, it wouldn’t be a huge loss. I got one in white and painted the wall behind it so it wouldn’t be white on white (I already had one yellow accent wall, so this was an easy 20 minute project).

IMG 0556

Decorated with paint markers and my favorite Audrey Hepburn quote . . .

IMG 0513

Plus a couple of pencil cups for brushes and other odds and ends as well as some hooks for my eyelash curler and pony boppers. (Yes, that is what I call hair ties. Please don’t harass me. Everyone should call them this. It’s more fun.)

The baskets are just Ikea pencil cups–2 for $3 if I remember correctly, and the hooks were in a picture hanging kit I had in my toolbox. Adding the extras was slightly difficult, even with the help of my drill. I’m pretty sure I should’ve been using special drill bits for drilling metal, but I’m not 100% sure about that. All I know is that it might not have been the safest endeavor, so if you want to do this yourself and (like me) don’t know what you’re doing, maybe get some help. Basically, craft at your own risk, hmmmkay?

I wound up marking the spots where I wanted to drill with a pencil. Then, I used a screw to make a little impression in the board so the drill bit could grab on. Then, I used steady, even pressure to drill the holes. Just when I thought it was never going to work, the drill popped through, so don’t give up! Then, I screwed in the hooks and threaded screws through the baskets and screwed those into place on the board.

IMG 0517

To make my makeup magnetic enough to stick (a lot of blush and eyeshadow already has some metal in the packaging), I got heavy duty magnets from the hardware store and hot glued them onto the back. What’s cool about that is that you can reuse the magnets because hot glue will peel right off.

I also got some cute circular magnets to go behind some of the makeup to add a little color.

IMG 0515

This is obviously a pretty big board, so there’s room for lots more makeup. I’m just using it for my everyday stuff for now, but I have extra magnets, so I might add a few more things.

So just like the shelf above the door, I’m going to tell you that you should probably do this, too. By the time I’m through, we’ll all have identical bathrooms, and it will be awesome, K? K.

Who’s crafty out there? What should I try next?Β 


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