The Internet is on Fire

For whatever reason, I’ve come across more entertainment than usual online–no, not that kind of entertainment–which is really saying something given that I find the Internet rather entertaining on a normal day.

Since the Internet is on fire, here’s what’s got my attention today:

These guys:

ny fellasSingle ladies, this is what it has come to. Those of you who’ve been reading for any length of time know my track record for online dating is, um, dismal at best. I might have to send these guys a resume just for kicks.

Also, it has to be said that I’ve rejoined the online dating scene. This basically sums up that experience:

awkwardI swear to God I went on a date the other night and told the guy what kind of drink to order. WTF is wrong with me? But we went on a second date (and I’m pretty sure a third might be on the horizon), so apparently that works for him? Moving on . . .

In case you were wondering where all my awesomeness came from, it’s because I was born and bred in the town named best place in Michigan to raise a family.

ImageIf you want your kids to turn out like this, now you know the secret. Tempting, right?

Oh, and then there’s this. If you watch the Today Show, I know you’ve seen the story about Guy Fieri’s newest restaurant in Times Square and how it got a bad review, and he was all involved or whatever in trying to save face. Apparently, someone decided to buy the domain name for the restaurant and put up a ridiculous (and hilarious) fake menu.


This is a lesson in marketing if I’ve ever seen one. I mean, who opens a restaurant and doesn’t buy up all the possibly related domains? Rookie mistake, but insanely entertaining. Reno!!!??? Served drunk and on fire. I now know how I’m ordering, well, everything from here on out. Priceless.

OK, last one–promise.

I am drinking the Beyonce Kool Aid like whoa.


I know, I know. This is total Beyonce propaganda. I feel no shame in telling you it worked on me. The link above is to the full video, so you don’t even have to have HBO and now have zero excuse not to watch this and report back on how much you love it, too. Because you will. And I may or may not be dying to go to Beyonce’s sold out show in July . . . which I immediately googled and tried to buy tickets to after watching this. (<–sucker)

What’s entertaining you online? Link it uuuuuup!


7 thoughts on “The Internet is on Fire

  1. omg thank you for posting the Beyonce link!! I thought my only option was to find an HBO subscriber and ask if i could come over for 2 hours to obsess over Beyonce. you just made my weekend!

  2. I love Bey and I need to watch documentary that so I can drink that Koolaid too. Thanks for the link! I haven’t found anything as entertaining as the goats and dancing pets from last week. I’m keeping my eye out though….

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